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Rain, All-Star and Draft Updates

Last night’s game against the Marlins was postponed due to rain. The rescheduled date has not been announced, but it may take place in September when the Fish return to Philly. So the Roy HalladayJosh Johnson rematch will take place tonight instead; game time is 7:05pm.


All-Star Update


Likely due to the recent offensive slump, many Phillies are falling out of the All-Star race.  Chase Utley and Placido Polanco are still in first place at their positions, but others will need some extra help. 


MLB is trying something new this year where you can “campaign” for your favorite players.  I made a campaign for each of the Phillies on the ballot.  You supposedly earn “points” every time someone votes for your player through a special link.  Then you move up through the ranks from a volunteer to a coordinator to a manager, etc… 


They are not giving prizes or anything other than the satisfaction of knowing you helped out.  So, let’s think of this as an interesting experiment…click on one of the links and cast your votes.  I will give periodic updates as to how many “points” we are accruing and see if it really makes a difference.  Remember you can vote up to 25 times a day, per email address.  Have fun!


Chase Utley    Ryan Howard    Raul Ibanez    Placido Polanco


Carlos Ruiz    Jayson Werth    Shane Victorino    Jimmy Rollins


Draft Update


The Phillies have reportedly agreed to terms with Philly-local and first round draft pick, left-handed pitcher Jesse Biddle.  The specific terms have not been announced, but it is safe to say he will be in Phils farm system instead of going off to college.


Here are the rest of the draft results:


2nd round – RHP Perci Garner, Ball State

3rd round – Catcher Cameron Rupp, University of Texas

4th round – LHP Tennessee Volunteer Bryan Morgado

5th round – RHP Scott Frazier, Upland High School



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Not Perfect, But Still Pretty Good

While it was far from perfection from Roy Halladay last night in his first start since pitching the Perfect Game, he was effective.  Halladay allowed just 2 runs on 10 hits over 7 innings.  He worked in and out of several jams with multiple base runners against a very good Padres team to keep the Phillies in the game.

Halladay even helped himself out at the plate, knocking a 1 out single in the 3rd that led to Shane Victorino’s 2-run homer.  With the Phillies offense still struggling, those two hits turned out to be a big key in winning the game.  Jayson Werth collected the 3rd RBI in the 3-2 win by walking with the bases loaded in the 5th inning.  Of course, the Phillies offense also left the bases loaded twice and as a team, left 9 men on base.

The lack of scoring was again highlighted in the 8th inning when Jose Contreras hit a batter and then issued a walk.  JC Romero was brought in to stop the bleeding and began by walking the next batter to load the bases with 1 out.  But it was JC’s birthday, and his present to himself was getting a ground ball double play to end the inning.  Happy Birthday, JC!

Thumbnail image for P7306368 Lidge cr.jpgThe real highlight of the evening, however, was Brad Lidge.  In his first save opportunity since coming off the DL for the second time this year, Lidge looked like Mr. Perfect from 2008.  Lidge mowed down the Padres in order with a nasty slider and good movement on his fastball.  His speed clocked in at 94mph on a few pitches.  Is this a sign that all is now well with Lidge?  Cross your fingers…

Game 2 against the Padres is tonight at 7:05pm.  Jamie Moyer will pitch against Jon Garland. 

By the way, have you seen the new player-designed apparel at the Phillies MLB Shop?  If you have not, be sure to check it out.  Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, Cole Hamels and Raul Ibanez all designed jerseys, tee-shirts and hats for the new collection.  Here is a sample of what they designed:

Players choice.jpgOther teams got into the action as well, so if you are a fan of another team (although I find that hard to imagine ;o), check out their MLB Shop site too. I believe the Mets, Yankees and Twins also participated.  Hey, if it is cool looking, maybe I’ll pick up a Mets jersey….or, not. ;o)

And do not forget to keep VOTING for your Phillies All-Stars!  Vote up to 25 times per day, per email address.


Lidge photo by Jenn Zambri Photography; apparel by

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Ibanez Is a NICE Man – Leave Him Alone!

I nearly cried when I read the article where poor Raul Ibanez had to defend himself against an irresponsible and moronic blogger.  Apparently, some idiot came out in his blog stating he felt that Ibanez must be taking steroids and that this was the only explanation for his outstanding year. 

I will not post the link to that blog here because I do not wish to give that guy any support.  The nerve of him; not only does he seek to slander the name of a good man, but he gives responsible bloggers everywhere a bad rap.

Do we all get annoyed and rant sometimes?  Sure.  But generally speaking, we rant about the truth, not some idea we have made up in our heads.  If your team had a bad game, feel free to say so.  The facts are the facts, a loss is a loss.  And if we make jokes to lighten the mood (like I do, A LOT), they are solely for entertainment purposes and not to hurt anyone.  But for goodness sake, do not spread rumors and report unverified and even worse, totally speculative information and present it as news!

Poor Raul; he does not deserve that.  Just because we are immersed in an era of baseball where steroids have run rampant, does not mean that all players have joined in.  Does hard work and dedication no longer pay off?  Or are we to instantly attribute all good play to steroids?  Sure, we have been disappointed by a lot of players, but that does not give anyone the right to make such accusations.

And that is my informed and totally honest rant of the day :O)

‘Phillies Memories’ DVD Review

I wrote a review for the new MLB DVD, ‘Phillies Memories’ which was posted on today.  The DVD is only $19.95 and is very entertaining and informative, covering all 126 years of the Phillies.  Please read the review and feel free to pass on any comments.  I did make one typo…let’s see if anyone figures it out ;O)  Maybe I should take steroids to enhance my performance?  (FYI – This is a JOKE – just in case some idiot takes that to a new level of stupidity :O)

Facebook / Twitter

Technology; you cannot escape!  Just thought I would note that if anyone would like to be my Facebook friend, send me an email and I will send you the link.  I have received letters from many, many readers in the last few months since I posted my email address and I appreciate the feedback very much!  I am always open to finding new Phillies friends to talk baseball with!

As for Twitter, I am listed as PhilsPhollowers.  Feel free to follow me :O)

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Photo by Jenn


Home Struggles Continue

The Phillies have been road warriors this year, but the home stands have left a lot to be desired.  They dropped another home series today as they went down to the Marlins, 6-2.  Brett Myers was doing well through 5 innings and even had a hit in the game, but come the 6th inning, he ran into trouble.  Myers began to grimace after pitches and appeared to be having pain of some sort.  Charlie Manuel pulled him after 2 outs and Myers continued to look discomforted on the bench.  The official word is that he has right hip inflammation…hoping he will be alright!

So Myers struggled, but the offense also provided little remedy.  Carlos Ruiz and Matt Stairs each nailed solo shots and Ryan Howard had 2 hits in the game.  Then the Phillies attempted a rally in the 8th with a walk to Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino reaching on an error.  Chase Utley stepped in and missed a home run by about 6 inches; it was caught for out #2.  Major bummer :O(  Howard had the chance to play hero after that, but he went down swinging.  Another rally in the 9th failed as well; bases loaded, 2 outs and Rollins flied out to center.

shamrock_180x137.jpgThe green shamrock hats given away to fans tonight did not bring the Phillies luck either.  In fact, maybe it was the sea of green in the stands that sickened the players?  Or maybe it was just the Marlins pitching, which was on spot.  Plus former Phillies Wes Helms and Ronny Paulino had 6 hits in this 3 game series.  Depressing, no matter how you look at it.  Where was Helms’ bat when WE needed it?  Ugh.

But here is something to cheer you up…it’s the Gizmo Cam!  Yes, Gizmo the chinchilla is at it again, trying to get your votes for our Phillies All-Stars!  See how cute he is….how can you not help the little guy?

Remember to VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

The Phillies get a day off tomorrow and then the Nats come to town; we hope they can cure the at-home blues!

Gizmo Cam by Jenn; Music – Lemon remix by U2

Green Cap –

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Phils Win Series, Despite Lidge’s 2 Blown Saves

P5244535 Lidge.jpg

The bloom has definitely fallen off the rose; Brad Lidge is our fallen hero who gave us perfection in 2008 and now nothing but headaches in 2009.  Sorry Brad, but it is time to surrender your cape.  With a 2-run lead in yesterdays’ game, Lidge gave up 3 runs in the 9th and handed over the win to the Yankees.  Tonight, he gave up 1 run in the 9th to tie up the game, but Clay Condrey emerged as the unlikely hero to bail him out.  Condrey managed 2 scoreless innings and the Phillies won 4-3 in 11 innings.

But what has happened to Lidge?  He swears he is not injured, so what are we to think?  I know what I thought in the 9th today – that I was going to leap out onto the field, grab him by the shoulders and shake him violently until the sludgy alien-oil that has obviously taken over his brain came oozing out and gave us our hero back.  It really is an X-Files kind of mystery what has become of Mr. Perfect these days.

But a win is a win and 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  Shane Victorino gave CC Sabathia fits today at the plate; both he and Carlos Ruiz had a 3 hit night.  And Ryan Howard shocked the crowd when he laid down a slap-bunt towards third base for a hit; there’s something you won’t see every day.  Hey, whatever works!

Cole Hamels
had it working too through 6 innings of 2-run ball.  He did fall behind in counts quite a bit, but recovered nicely, although you could tell he wanted to smack Eric Bruntlett in the 4th after an error that extended the inning.  Hamels smack his fist into his glove as he arrived at first base and realized Bruntlett would not be throwing over as he dropped the ball.

And here is my “Shame On You” for the day:  after striking out rookie John Mayberry in the 8th to end the inning, CC Sabathia hollered and pumped his fist as the strode off the mound, as if he had just won the game in grand fashion.  His showboating was less than appropriate for several reasons; he had just struck out a rookie in his 2nd major league game and, the Yankees were losing the game 3-2 at that point.  Much ado about nothing?  I’d say so.

So how was my first, and probably my only visit to new Yankee Stadium?  Pretty good.  It is a very nice stadium; almost identical to the old one, only bigger, nicer seats and it doesn’t smell like cat pee :O)  The seats in the lower level from foul pole to foul pole have waiter service, which was convenient, but they could certainly benefit more from lowering the cost of those seats and skipping the waiters.  A bit excessive, I thought.  Loved the padded seats, Monument Park was nice, huge team store with a great variety of stuff and TONS of employees everywhere you turn to direct people and answer questions.  The concourse even had a fresh fruit stand.  I was not impressed with the murky, drab gray underground tunnel system which you have to walk through to get to Monument Park and the centerfield gate.  It reminded me of Veterans Stadium; dark, creepy and nothing to look at.  Literally…nothing.  Blank, gray walls.  But overall, it is a very nice place; just WAY overpriced and excessive in a lot of areas it does not need to be.

More game and stadium photos are coming!  I will post those tomorrow at some point, but for now, I am nursing a wicked bad sunburn (ouch!) and dragging after a long 3 ½ hour drive home.  So, off to bed for me!  Must find the aloe…

UPDATE: Here is the PHOTO ALBUM from the game including photos of new Yankee Stadium!

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Photos by Jenn

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Phillies Clean-Up In Cincy

After a non-existent offense last night, the Phillies cleaned up their act today and scored big in a 12-5 win over the Reds to cap off the series win.  Raul Ibanez continued his All-Star bid by whacking home run #15 and now has 40 RBI on the year, which leads the league. 

Jimmy Rollins
cleaned-up as well, swiping stolen base #300 for his career.  Rollins has woken up of late and brought his batting average up .034 points to .234 since the start of the Nationals series last week.  He had 4 hits today alone.  And Chase Utley is still on tear; he was just a triple short of the cycle today with 3 hits and 4 RBI.

4 home runs in the game helped, including homers from Utley, Ibanez, Ryan Howard and Greg Dobbs, getting a rare start.  Dobbs had a base running blunder early in the game when he was picked off 1st base as he somehow mistook the first baseman’s ankle for the base.  Whoops!  But all was forgiven when he nailed the solo shot in the 3rd.

Joe Blanton pitched well for 4 innings, but fell apart in the 5th and gave up 5 runs.  If he could just duplicate the first 4 innings for say 6 or 7 innings, that would be great.  Obviously, he still has work to do, but those 4 innings were a step in the right direction.  The bullpen, including Chan Ho Park in his first Phillies relief appearance since losing the starting job, held down the Reds for 4 more innings.  Park was a bit shaky and had 2 base runners, but he settled in and got out of the jam.  Everyone is hoping he can turn his season around by given the Phillies some solid innings out of the pen.

It is now on to New York to face the Yankees for a 3-game Memorial Day weekend series.  Tomorrow night, Brett Myers will face AJ Burnett in what should be quite a showdown with the run the Yankees have been on lately.  The Phillies have won 6 of their last 7 games and the Yanks are on an 8-game win streak.  Add a brand new stadium into the mix and this should be a good one.  My 2 favorite teams going at it – always a treat!

And as usual, here is your link to keep VOTING for your Phillies All-Stars!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!  Don’t forget Utley, Ibanez and Howard!  And hey, if Rollins keeps this up, we can sneak him in there too :O)


Thumbnail image for DSCF1733 Jenn.jpgAnd one last reminder, please vote for me, #8 (Jenn, with 2 n’s), inJane Heller’s of Confessions of a She-Fan contest to see who the biggest fan is!  You can vote until Friday at midnight.  Gizmo the chinchilla and Tony the cat are #1 fans too!


Utley Photo by Jenn

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Raul Is King

Raul Ibanez was named the National League Player of the Week today!  With 4 home runs, 12 RBI, 9 runs scored and 13 hits, he is more than deserving!  Let’s hear it for RAUUUUUUUUUL!  In honor of his accomplishment, I have revised my make-over photo of Ibanez.  Previously, I had posted photos of what he might look like with hair; I have re-edited the photo for this special occasion:Thumbnail image for Ibanez King.jpg


Ibanez is King!  He has my VOTE for the All-Star game!

And while you are voting, please add a vote for me!  Jane Heller of Confessions of a She-Fan is running a contest to see who the biggest fan is!  Thumbnail image for DSCF1733 Jenn.jpgClick HERE and vote for #8 (Jenn, with 2 n’s).  Here is the photo I submitted:

It’s me in my Phillies Room with Tony the cat, wearing his Phillies jacket and Gizmo, your favorite chinchilla, attempting to wear his Phillies hat.  If not for me, do it for the critters :O)  Please VOTE for Jenn & her menagerie!  Thanks!!!  As always, you guys rock!

Ibanez Photo by Jenn

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Brewers Hypnotize Phillies

A total 360 from yesterday’s game, the Phillies offense appeared to be hypnotized by the Brewers pitching.  They did manage 8 hits, but they came at the wrong times and 3 of those were in the 9th inning, including a Jayson Werth home run; the only score of the day for the Phils.

Joe Blanton pitched 6 innings and gave up 3 runs, much the same as he did against the Nats last week, but again, did not get any run support.  The bullpen, which today included Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey, Scott Eyre and Ryan Madson, finally looked on-target as well.  But those of us looking for any excitement in the hitting department may as well have slept though the first 8 innings; and why not?  The Phillies did. :O)

But enough about that snooze fest, let’s move on to All-Star voting, which began today.  You can help make Chase Utley the first Phil since Mike Schmidt to go to the All-Star game 4 years in a row!  Just keep on VOTING!  And vote for all the other Phillies, too!  I will attempt to remember to post a link to the All-Star Ballot each day; you have no excuse not to vote!  Even my pet chinchilla can do it…see!  DSCF1657.JPGGizmo is a very talented rodent; his favorite computer part is the mouse :O)  Gizmo has vowed to vote 25 times per day, the maximum daily vote per email address or odd household pet.  Please help him in his quest; after all, he is just a little guy.  Don’t make him feel like a hamster on a wheel, working all by himself!  Gizmo really hates the hamster reference because he is a WAY cooler, and cuter, fluffy rodent.

And it has now become apparent that I am seriously lacking in the quality sleep department…  That explains the Phillies lack of production today!  They knew I needed a nap…hey, thanks guys!  I promise to get some shut-eye tonight so tomorrow, you can get back to work.  Game time is 1:05pm…don’t sleep in too late!

Hypnosis Photo –

Chinchilla photo – Jenn



Werth Wins It In The 12th

Jayson Werth won the game for the Phillies, knocking in the winningP4208136 Werth cr.jpg run with a single in the bottom of the 12th inning!  Final score was 6-5.  A very long, very strange game, indeed, full of wild pitches, stolen bases, pick-offs, dropped balls and Ryan Howard being unsure of the count on him, still standing at the plate waiting to hit after he had been walked.  Mike Cervenak got his first major league at bat; he slammed a ball out to far left field, but it was unfortunately right at the fielder.  A great at bat though for his first time up and he showed a lot of power.  In other offensive news, both Werth and Shane Victorino had 3 hit nights; Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins had 2 a piece, with Howard adding yet another home run to the pile.

Kyle Kendrick still looks like he needs a lot of work against the left-handers.  He gave up 4 earned runs in 6.1 innings on 9 hits with 4 strikeouts.  Most of his trouble though was against the lefties.  Our bullpen was back in tip-top shape, giving up only 1 earned run between all 6 pitchers who appeared in relief.

And now for my rant of the day…David Wright of the Mets was announced today as the replacement for the open spot on the All-Star roster by Clint Hurdle, making me want to HURL!  No offense to Wright, but the man has committed 12 ERRORS so far this season.  I just don’t see that as being All-Star worthy, and I don’t care how long and luxurious his eyelashes are…get over it people!  He is not THAT cute.  So, guess how many errors Pat Burrell has made?  NONE.  Pat has a much higher Slugging percentage and On-base percentage than Wright; Also, Pat is nearly the same in total bases, even though he gets fewer innings with Charlie Manuel constantly pulling him late in games to run for him.  This was SO obviously the wrong choice.  SHAME on Clint Hurdle for holding a grudge against the Phillies for losing against them in the 1980 World Series.  Grow up already!

Well, I feel a tad better having vented there.  And after a Phillies win, who can be too sad J  Incidentally, I will be going to New York this weekend for the All-Star events and am looking forward to that!!  Going to check out Fan Fest, the Home Run Derby with CHASE UTLEY!!!, the Red Carpet Parade on 6th Ave.  and then watch the game on TV (had to pick one or the other…decided HR’s would be more fun!).  So, stay tuned for photos after those events which I’ll try to post as soon as I recover from all the hoopla and trying to figure out the subways again which I have not had to do since high school.  Yikes!  Hey, anybody else going?  Feel free to E-Mail me!

2 more games to go with the D-backs!  Go Phillies!

Howard Heating Up / All-Star Update

Ryan Howard hit 2 more home runs and added 3 more RBI’s to his league-leading totals in the 4-1 win against the Cardinals today.  If things stand as they are, Howard will be the first player in 60 years to lead the league in both home runs and RBI’s at the break and NOT make the All-Star team.  Having gotten off to a slow start may have contributed to the lack of votes, but still a sad state of affairs, indeed.  Add to that the also much deserving Pat Burrell was unable to make the cut via fan voting today, coming in third place behind Cory Hart of the Brewers and David Wright of the Mets.  There is still a small chance another Phillie can land on the All-Star roster as Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs has dropped out due to injury and has to be replaced.  That selection however, has to be determined by Rockies manager, Clint Hurdle, and well, as much as I would like to think he’d do the right thing, I am not holding my breath.  And so we wait…

Jamie Moyer pitched a great game today going 7 innings and giving up only 1 earned run on 7 hits and striking out 4.  He moved the ball in and out of the zone and looked like the Jamie we all love.  Nice to see great pitching finally rewarded with a win for a change.  The offense had 10 combined hits, still looking a bit rusty, but showing small signs of life.  They are really going to have to step it up for this next series with the D-Backs who have a much tougher pitching staff.

The Phillies sent rookie pitcher JA Happ back to AAA today, but don’t get all excited now…he should be back after the All-Star break.  The only reason they did it P2283516 cr.jpgwas so that he would stay in a normal rhythm until after the break.  If they kept him up, he would be going more than a week and a half without pitching which may hamper all the progress he has made.  The other good new there is, with a roster spot open for now, the Phillies were able to call up Mike Cervenak (see photo), infielder for AAA, who is currently batting .308 with 50 RBI and 7 home runs on the year in the minors.  Cervenak is 31 years old and, much like Chris Coste did, has paid his dues for a long time in the minors and is finally getting his first shot at the bigs.  Also like Chris Coste, Cervenak spent a short time in the Independent Leagues.  I met him in Spring Training and he is a very friendly and engaging guy and will fit well in this clubhouse.  He is also very determined and I hope to see him get some playing time this week so we can all see what he can do.

Well, all we can do now folks is keep our fingers crossed for another Phillies All-Star to join the group!  Thanks to everyone who helped with the voting J  Go Phillies!