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Phillies Drop 2 To The Giants

Ending their road trip on a low note, the Phillies lost another one to the Giants today.  In yesterday’s match-up, Jamie Moyer did not pitch well at all and the offense struggled against baby-faced Lincicum.  But really, shame on Lincicum for beating up on an old man like that.  I say that is elder abuse and just should not be allowed!  Jamie is old enough to be his Dad…has he no respect?  Geez.  Oh well…what else can you say about that game really?  That kid is just awesome.  Sucks that he’s not on our team…noooooo, we have to be stuck with Adam freakin’ Eaton!  (hey, can we have Rowand back too while we’re at it…)

P5040156 cr.jpg 

Speaking of which, Mr. Eaton took the mound yet again this afternoon and yet again looked like a duck trying to wade through the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  Every pitch was more and more frightening and you could smell the impending doom in the air.  But then Chad Durbin comes in, pitches a shut down inning, and saves the day!  Maybe we can still win this one?  But, no…we know it does not turn out that way.  You can’t really lay it on Romero for giving up the go ahead runs.  He can’t be expected to be perfect every time…no one can.  So, for the times when our bullpen will give up runs, that is when the offense needs to step up, especially against a team like the Giants, who we should be walking all over.  To see them just lie down and die like they did today is really disturbing.  You have to wonder if they just do not want to play for Adam Eaton.  They never look like the same team when he is on the mound.  Maybe a guy can only let his team down so many times before it begins to have an effect?  Just like an oil spill…you can clean it up, but even years later, it is still leaking poison into the environment…


It’s an off day for the Phillies tomorrow before the 3 game Atlanta series.  On Wednesday, the Phillies are holding their women’s clinic, Baseball 101 which I will be attending and then reporting back on probably by Thursday sometime.  They have run it for 3 years now and this is my 3rd year going…it is an awesome time at the ballpark.  We get to play with the entire coaching staff all day, hit in the cages, run the bases, hang out in the dugout, etc…  I’ll post pictures and maybe some video when I return.  If anyone else is going, drop me a line and let me know.  I’ll see ya there!  And Happy Mother’s Day every one!

Finding Ways to Win, Phillies Find Manual His 500th

It was an unconventional one today, but we’ll take it.  Charlie Manual got his 500th career win and it went something like this… 5 unearned runs off 3 Giants errors, 5 walks and the winning run scored by Ryan Howard chugging it all the way from second with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th…my tummy was a turnin’, I can tell you that.  It was nice to see a struggling Howard give his team a lift though, getting 3 of those 5 walks instead of adding to his already surmounting strikeout total.  He had to feel good about that and I think that will go a long way in helping him get back on track.


Cole Hamels did pretty well today.  But we all had a bit more fun watching Tim Lincecum pitch, including the very congenial Giants fan sitting in front of me who said Tim looked to be about 12 years old.  Have you seen the baby face on this kid?  Oh my!  You just want to pat him on the head and take him out for ice cream.  What a cutie :o)  Then you watch him throw a 97 mph fast ball followed by an 81 mph change up and repeat the same sequence over and over again and you’re going, huh?  He is SO not 12 years old…  Wow.


There were a lot of very strange plays in this series.  Not the least of which was the extreme take out at the plate of Carlos Ruiz by Giants short stop Emmanuel Burriss, which was totally unnecessary.  He was already safe at home before he took out Carlos, so there was NO need for it.  And it was one of the most brutal hits I’ve ever seen…seriously, check out the photos I took and make special note of where Burriss’ leg is.  He shot Ruiz backwards through the air about 3 or 4 feet…

Ruiz cr.jpg 

A lot of other really fun plays too.  So many that I could not stop with just those so I threw together a photo collage here.  Here is what you will see below from top to bottom…Saturday: Eric Bruntlett catches Aaron Rowand stealing; Sunday: Geoff Jenkins in mid-air, jumping WAY too soon – look up, you will see the ball and a very scared female fan!;  Rowand catching a Jenkins long fly ball; Ruiz tags Rowand out at the plate, but apparently, he forgot the ball?

Giants series.jpg 

And, yes I just could not get enough of Aaron Rowand since it was the only time I’d see him all year…so, one more cute shot coming your way…  And a nice family photo of the Myers too!  Brett had his Mom out for the Mother’s Day celebration today, along with his wife, kids and his Dad too.  Cuteness abounds!  So, Chase says goodbye to Aaron, and now I guess I will have to as well…sniff! :o(  Well, on to Arizona!  Talk to you all later!
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