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Blown Away

The Phillies fought through 30 mph winds today in Bradenton against the Pirates; winner?  The wind.  Many, many balls had some help flying over the outfield fence and others simply blew right past the outfielders grasp unexpectedly.  A few guys looked like they may lose their jersey’s as they were blown about in the stiff gusts of wind.  But the only thing the Phillies lost today was the game, 10-4.

Jamie Moyer was not thrilled about the weather conditions as he gave up 11 hits, 7 runs and 1 walk and was even called for a balk when his glove flinched, likely because of the high winds.  Moyer argued with the ump, but to no avail.  Even Brad Lidge ran into trouble when Garrett Jones hit a long fly ball that the airstream helped carry over the fence for a 3-run blast.

P3024896 Howard.jpgRyan Howard did not mind the situation too much; Howard hit a bomb to straight away center field in the 4th inning that some estimate travelled over 500 feet.  It went so far, the ball was completely out of sight; the cameras never picked it up as it went out of the park.  Right before that, Howard had hit a screaming foul ball towards the Phillies dugout, which nailed Geoff Jenkins in the leg as he waited in the on-deck circle.  A brutal shot, Jenkins jumped up and down in pain.  He shook it off and looked to be ok.  As Howard trotted home after the 500 footer, he stopped to greet Jenkins at home plate, gave him a big teddy-bear hug and apologized for whacking him with the foul ball. 

In the 6th inning, some confusion ensued as Eric Bruntlett and Marcus Giles could not seem to decide between the two of them who was covering what area.  A routine ground ball turned into a base hit for the Pirates, as Moyer was not in time to cover first base during the turmoil.  That inning turned into 4 runs for the Pirates and the Phillies fielding resembled something like this:

Today’s Phillies Word of the Day is: Doo-Doo.  Yes, thanks to pitcher Scott Eyre, Phillies fans everywhere were treated to a barrage of “Doo-Doo” remarks in the 7th inning during an interview by Phillies broadcaster, Tom McCarthy.  When asked about his rough outing against the Yankees a few days ago, Eyre responded with, “It was a day where I warmed up and felt like doo-doo and so I pitched like doo-doo.”  And it didn’t end there, folks.  He used the doo-doo remark again when discussing what his next outing may look like.  Let us hope doo-doo does not make any future appearances, unless it is by The Police:


Paulino cart.jpg
Fun Fact of the Day
:  Ronny Paulino, who was just yesterday traded to the Giants in exchange for lefty Jack Taschner, has been traded yet again!  The Giants sent Paulino to our NL East rivals, the Florida Marlins, presumably so Phillies fans would not miss him too badly.  Although, Paulino may want to keep the wheels on his cart for now, just in case…

The Phillies will take on the Red Sox tomorrow at 1:05pm!  The game will be broadcast on My PHL 17 – check your local listings.

(All Photos by Jenn)


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Team USA Beats The Phillies

Watching Team USA with Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino playing against the Phillies was strange, to put it mildly.  Although, who to root for was easy – both!  Yet, the sight of Victorino sliding into base with a Phillies glove coming at him did feel wrong somehow; but even more confusing was watching Victorino and Rollins team up with rival New York Met, David Wright, Atlanta Brave, Chipper Jones and Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia.  Here are 4 of them celebrating after a Jones homer run plus, Victorino sliding into second and Rollins letting everyone know that he is working hard:

030509 Rollins.jpg

Victorino and Rollins each had one hit for Team USA today and minor league Phillie, Joe Bisenius pitched for Team USA, giving up 1 run on three hits in his one inning of work.  Also for Team USA, Derek Jeter went hitless in his 6 innings, but showed off defensively, as usual.  Chipper Jones and Red, Adam Dunn led the charge against the Phillies, collecting 3 RBI a piece.  Below, see Jeter make a great leaping throw; Mike Cervenak slides into second trying to break up a double play, forcing Pedroia to jump over him; and J-Roll swings and misses:

030509 Jeter.jpg

On the Phillies side, Eric Bruntlett and Cervenak each earned an RBI and Jason Donald woke from his slumber, hitting a solo homer in the 6th.  Catcher Lou Marson was the only Phillie with a multi-hit game, going 2 for 4.  The big score came from Ryan Howard, who knocked a 3 run homer in the 5th.  However, Howard had a very strange day.  In the first inning, Howard dropped a routine feed from Donald, allowing the runner to reach base.  Then, in the third inning, he got whacked in the helmet with a pitch, but appeared to be fine.  Later, Howard dropped a routine pop-up off the bat of Victorino and then also dropped a pick-off toss to first as Victorino slid back in safely, although, that looked to be a bad throw by Kyle Kendrick.  Here are a few photos of the events at hand; note where the ball is in the top 2 photos; the bottom photo is the home run shot:

030509 howard.jpg

Aside from Howard’s fumbles, the big story of the day appears to be Kyle Kendrick who did not look good.  In 2 2/3 innings, he surrendered 5 hits and 4 runs, including the 3 run shot by Jones, which, by the way, I called as it happened.  As shaky as Kendrick was and seeing he could not keep the ball down or his emotions in check, once Chipped stepped to the plate, I told my neighbor what was about to happen and, wham!  3-run home run.  Kendrick has a lot of work to do if he is going to compete for the 5th starters’ position. 

Equally unimpressive was the outing of Antonio Bastardo, who gave up 5 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks.  Regulars Clay Condrey and Ryan Madson got some work in also and each looked ok, although Madson did walk 2.  In the end, the Phillies went down by a score of 9-6.

And now for the Photo of the Day – Team USA united!P3056461.JPG

The Phillies have both an A and a B game tomorrow against the Blue Jays; the B game is at 2pm at Bright House field and the A game is in Dunedin at 7pm.  Sadly, my time in Florida has come to a close and I will be hopping a plane back to the deep freeze of the Philadelphia area tomorrow.  I will continue my coverage from home, although be terribly depressed about it :O(  I know, I know…poor me.  Hee!  It was fun while it lasted!


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The Phillies Are Going To the World Series!!!

P2241118 flowers cr.jpg

For the first time since 1993, the Philadelphia Phillies will go to the World Series!  With a 5-1 win over the LA Dodgers, the Phillies ARE the 2008 National League Champions!  I think this photo best expresses how I feel right now…like skipping joyously through a field of flowers! J  Whoo Hoo!  The best part of the post-game celebration was watching Charlie Manuel run out onto the field, grab hold of his players one by one, and give them a great big bear hug!  These guys have worked hard to get here and they certainly earned it.

Tonight’s win was a true team effort; that, I believe, is the difference between the Phillies and the Dodgers.  The Phils have a complete team, with hitting threats up and down the line-up; the Dodgers have Manny and a few other guys who may get some hits.  They are unbalanced.  Every starting position player on the Phillies tonight, except Ruiz, was on base at least once and the 3 RBI’s came from 3 different players.  And when one guy is not hitting, someone else will step in to pick him up.  That’s a team – that’s the Phillies.

Jimmy Rollins set the tone once again tonight, hitting a lead-off home run.  It sent a signal to the whole team that tonight was their night.  And so it was…  For the Dodgers, it was a case of Murphy’s Law as everything that could have gone wrong, did.  Rafael Furcal committed THREE errors in the fifth inning, leading to 2 unearned runs for the Phillies who took a 5-0 lead at that point.  Shane Victorino felt so bad for the guy, he actually told Furcal in the middle of the inning to keep his chin up!  You’ve got to love Shane…this guy has a huge heart.  How many players do you know that would try to encourage the opposition in the middle of game, let alone a game that could send them to the World Series?  Shane has my vote for MVP of this playoff run.

Cole Hamels held up his end of the bargain, pitching 7 innings of one-run baseball.  He allowed 5 hits and 3 walks, 2 of which came with 2 outs in the 7th before he struck out Jeff Kent to get out of the jam.  Hamels looked calm and in control the whole game, even smiling when Charlie Manuel went out o the mound after the 2 walks in the 7th to ask him how he felt.  Manuel left him in the game, and you know the rest.  Cole also held Manny Ramirez to just one hit, a solo homer in the 6th inning.  Ryan Madson pitched the 8th and Brad Lidge the 9th, closing out the game.  All 3 pitchers were outstanding.

Who the Phillies will face in the World Series is yet to be decided.  The Tampa Bay Rays have a 3-1 series lead over the Boston Red Sox right now and they will play Game 5 tomorrow night.  We will all be watching with great interest.  But for now, pour me a drink!  It is time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!  WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All-Star Bloopers

PHOTOS from mUtley Uggla.jpgy All-Star Week excursion have been posted, but I thought I would highlight a few fun ones for you here as well.  Let’s begin with my favorite of the week!  As you may know, Dan Uggla committed like 3 errors in the All-Star game on Tuesday.  Well, I am calling this one “UGGLA ALL-STAR ERROR #4″ and you will see why.  Yes, this is Dan Uggla grabbing Chase Utley’s butt as he walks back to the dugout after getting his award at the Home Run Derby for earning the most All-Star votes in the NL.  He totally gooses him!  Utley uggla long shot.jpgAnd then, check out the on-lookers, who are horrified by what they are witnessing!  Thank goodness it looks like Uggla’s son is sleeping through the ordeal J

Next up….Brad Lidge thinks about whacking David Wright with Chase Utley’s 
Lidge bat.jpg
bat…but really, haven’t we all had that thought at one time or another?  Who can blame him?

Red Sox Blooper…Manny Ramirez’s son was running wild on the sideline…  He decides to tackle Kevin Youkilis and, whoops!  The kid knees
  him right in the groin!  OUCH.Youkilis.jpg


More Utley…I’m calling this one, “Diggin’ For Gold.”  Did he not realize that I was RIGHT THERE!  I mean, if he needed help with this, all he needed to do was ask me.  Geez.  Another opportunity passed me by… 
J  But seriously, what the heck??  He couldn’t go in the dugout which was like 1 foot away to handle this??  OMG.

Utley all-star.jpgParade Blooper – Barrel man:  What is this about anyway?  A man runs out in the middle of the parade wearing a barrel.  Then he gets arrested.  Well, he was a Mets fan…I guess that explains it.

Barrell.JPGAnd finally, we have all heard about the Chase Utley expletive before the Home Run Derby at the introduction Utley Boo.JPG(the “Boo, @#@# You!” remark)…well, here is a photo I took right as he said it.  You can see Dan Uggla’s reaction…he was quite amused
J  And frankly, when I saw it, so was I J  We should all have a sense of humor.  Enough said.

Hope you enjoyed…have a happy day! J

The Phillies Drop 2 of 3 To The Red Sox

I am grouchy.  It happens.  Two straight losses to the Red Sox will do that.  So, the Phillies have an off day tomorrow and boy, oh boy, do they need it bad.  This team looks like they may be headed for trouble if they don’t quickly regroup and find a way to put the wheels back on the track.  Having lost their last 3 series now, they will come back on Friday to face the 1st place Angels, one of the best base running teams in the AL.  And when you look as tired and run down as the Phillies do right now, the last thing you need to see is a team that is ready to burn up the base path.

As usual, it boils down to starting pitching and today, the Sox made Kyle Kendrick look like a minor leaguer.  He gave up 6 runs and 2 walks with 2 homers in only 3 innings and had to be pulled early. 
P4136858 cr.jpg
Our bullpen was excellent as usual, giving up only 1 more run and giving the team a shot at getting back in the game, but as has been the trend of late, the offense could not get the job done.  As a team, they mustered up only 6 hits and struggled again to advance runners.  Chase Utley continues to battle at the plate, jumping his no hit streak to a massive 0 for 20.  His reaction to this?…see photo.  What???  Yeah, right there with ya…we all have no clue what is up with this funk he’s in.  Well, it happens to the best of them.

Well, as I always say, tomorrow is another day.  Unless it is the last day of the season and we miss the playoffs…don’t talk to me on that day.  But for now, it is only June, let’s try to think happy thoughts J  Sunshine, flowers, ocean waves….did it work?  Ok, yeah, I am still in a bad mood too…sorry, I tried.  I’ll get over it later…for now, I’ll use it as an excuse to eat some chocolate….  Have a happy day off everyone!

Pitching Shuts Down Phils Offense

The Phillies offense struggled tonight, having to face a much tougher pitcher tonight in Jon Lester, and they just did not get the job done.  Jamie Moyer had a decent start again, although he was only able to go 5 innings as his pitch count mounted with Red Sox’s hitters being very patient at the plate, drawing walks and making the most of the 4 hits they got off him.  Jamie
P4137091 kitty Moyer cr.jpgonly gave up 2 runs, both of which came off a 2 run homer from Coco Crisp, who also scored the 3rd Sox run of the game in the 6th off Ryan Madson after stealing 2 bags.  Not bad for a guy who sounds more like a breakfast cereal than a baseball player.  Really, Moyer did his part…only 4 hits allowed is great, especially considering the tight strike zone the home plate umpire gave him to work with.  The Sox were simply not swinging and the walks kept coming…five in all.  It was as if Moyer were tossing cute little kitty cats up to the plate and the Sox did not want to swing and hurt the poor kitties.  How nice of them!  Well, extra points to the BoSox for being such animal lovers.

As for the Phillies offense, they were not quite as patient.  Four strikeouts for Ryan Howard on the night after last night’s amazing 3 for 5 performance…wow.  Burrell had 3 on the night.  As a team, the Red Sox racked up 10 strike outs total and gave up only 7 hits.  A few missed opportunities as well by our offense did not help.  Carlos Ruiz had 2 identical chances to get the Phillies going with 2 men on base in 2 different innings…both times he grounded to third base; once for a double play, once for the final out as there were already 2 outs.  And Chase Utley had a huge shot at getting the Phillies on the board in the 8th with Rollins on 3rd base and 2 outs, but he continues his slump and struck out on a bad pitch.  I believe he is now 0 for his last 16.  Yikes!  Clearly, he was seeing adorable kitty cats at the plate too J  Give credit however to Jon Lester tonight…he was great and pitched all sides of the plate and changed speeds effectively.  This guy is the real deal.

Well, we’ve got one more shot at the World Champs tomorrow afternoon and hopefully, the bats come out swinging hard!  Also, remember to keep VOTING for the Phillies to go to All-Star game!  Chase Utley still leads all Major league players in votes!  Pat Burrell has moved back up to 6th place in outfield votes, Rollins is in 4th at short stop and Howard is in 5th at first base…so, we need MORE votes to get these guys in there with Chase!  Go Phillies!

Bouncing Back Against The BoSox

Cole Hamels led the Phillies to an 8-2 win over the World Champion Red Sox tonight, going 7 innings and giving up only 2 runs that came off 2 solo home runs.  Cole struck out 5, walked 2, gave up a total of 7 hits and his record improves to 7-4.  More importantly, he kept the Phillies in the game, looked calm and in control and even laid down a sacrifice bunt and singled in the game to aid his own cause.  This was exactly the shot in the arm this pitching staff needed after a sad performance by Brett Myers yesterday.

Add to that, the offense came back to life against Boston’s Bartolo Colon.  Jimmy Rollins got the party started with a lead-off home run, essentially whacking his way out of a hitting slump as he wound up going 3 for 5 with 3 RBI on the night.  Ryan Howard had another huge night with 3 more hits, 2 of which were home runs, 4 RBI’s and increased his batting average to .224.  Pat Burrell and Shane Victorino also contributed with 2 hits each.  A much bigger challenge awaits tomorrow with Jon Lester scheduled to pitch for the Red Sox, who pitched a no hitter last month against the Royals.

Samuel.jpgIn other news, Juan Samuel has been named to the Phillies Wall of Fame and will be inducted in a ceremony to be held at Citizens Bank Park before the game on August 8, 2008.  Sammy joined the Phillies broadcasting staff in the booth during the game tonight and expressed his joy and appreciation at being chosen for this honor.  Sammy will be the 30th member of the Wall.  Samuel player 6 ½ years with the Phillies and he became the first player in Major League history to reach double digits in doubles, triples, home runs and stolen bases in each of his first four seasons.  Congrats to Sammy on this well deserved honor!


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