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Wolf Devours Phils; Baseball 101 For Women

Since the game against our old pal Randy Wolf and the Dodgers was awful, let’s begin today with something fun!  Here is a recap of the Baseball 101 event for women held before the game yesterday:

P5133337 Werth.jpgThis now twice annual event included a behind the scenes tour, coaching from the Phillies staff, many guest speakers and an appearance by Jayson Werth.  Werth walked into the room and you would have thought it was Tom Cruise, judging from the reaction.  Women screamed and flash bulbs popped.  Werth talked openly to the group of 140 female fans and was surprisingly comical.  He talked about stealing home in Tuesday nights’ win over the Dodgers (turns out, it was all his idea and the 3rd base coach had no clue what was happening); Werth also gave us an overview of what it is like to travel as a Major League player, how he felt at the World Series parade, his baseball heritage and what it means to play as a team.  He was very impressive.

We also heard from Phillies broadcaster, Chris Wheeler, who walked us though his embarrassment of the strange dance he did behind Harry Kalas as he called the World Series win.  Wheels said he had no idea that he had actually looked that nuts until an hour and half later when he saw the replay.  Mitch Williams was also exceptionally informative, and very, very funny.  Williams should be a stand-up comic.  He had the room almost in tears as he discussed how we have not lived until we’ve seen John Kruk naked, how he (Williams) does not wear pants during his broadcasts and a variety of other topics.  And Larry Andersen, another former player and current broadcaster, was equally entertaining with his tales of Kalas and honest expressions of dislike for umpires.

Below, you will see Williams, Andersen and a very surreal moment as well; Tom Burgoyne, friend of the Phanatic, with the Phanatic!  A true “out of body” experience :O)


At one point, all the women broke into teams and travelled around the stadium, with stops in the bullpen, the batting cages and on the field to run the bases and work on throwing and fielding with the Phillies coaching staff.  Sam Perlozzo and Davey Lopes directed us on the field; Milt Thompson and Pete Mackanin let us swing away in the cages; and Rich Dubee and Mick Billmeyer let us throw pitches off the mound in the pen.  They gave us the inside scoop, just like we were real major leaguers.  My favorite coach comment of the day came when I asked what changes we could expect to see when JC Romero returns to the team.  Billmeyer chimed in immediately with, “We will get better!”  Well said :O)

And a first for Baseball 101 was the behind the scenes tour of the player areas:  the clubhouse, their kitchen and even the training room.  I can tell you several things from this experience.  First, Chad Durbin has a sweet tooth and likes crossword puzzles; some players seem to have a shoe fetish; Ryan Howard uses the same baby powder that I do; and doing laundry for the Phillies is a very interesting job!  Here are a few sights from the clubhouse:

I took tons of photos and was surprised by a few things I saw just “hanging” around.  I heard myself mutter as I peered into lockers, “Is that…(you fill in the blank)???  Oh my, yes it is.”  Use your imagination.  Nothing out of the baseball realm, but still a bit weird to see up close ;O)

P5133432 Moyer.jpg
So after the all-day event which began at 8:45am, we sat down to watch the game which started at 7:05pm.  Sleepy, but it was worth it.  We had a good 3 innings and Jamie Moyer looked like he may knock out every Dodger that faced him, but come the 4th inning, the bottom dropped out and it all went downhill from there.  7 runs allowed in only 4 1/3 innings and Moyer still cannot find his 250th win.  However, I think that was the least of his worries last night.  With the struggles in this starting rotation, I would not be surprised to see some changes very soon.  Charlie Manuel has announced that JA Happ will start one of the games of the double-header on Saturday against the Nats; no word on what will happen after that.  Happ may be pitching that day for his chance to win a spot in the rotation.

On again to more pleasant things:  Here is the Photo Album from my day in baseball-land which includes the photos in this post and more.  And don’t forget to tune in to the game this afternoon, which is an early start of 1:05pm to finish the Dodgers series.  Hoping the Phillies can pull out a winning series!

Photos by Jenn

First Place, Slipping Slumps & More Photo  Fun…

Starting off the month right in first place, the Phillies can exhale a sigh of relief.  After the first few weeks of April were not looking so hot, they finished off with a bang.  And the bang came off the bat of Ryan Howard to slide him right on out of this awful slump he’s been in.  It’s about time too!  Poor thing…that was just getting painful to watch.  Much more so for him, no doubt.


So in other news, Chase Utley is up for player of the month honors and if he does not get it, then whoever is voting must have their heads, well, let’s just say, in a very dark and cavernous place.  Somewhere where they are apparently impervious to any and all baseball information.  Chase is still leading the league with 11 homers, batting .357 (5th place) with 23 RBI’s and a slugging percentage of .748 (1st place)!  If that’s not enough, how about 86 total bases (1st place) and 41 hits (tied for 2nd).  I mean, why bother voting?  Just hand it over already!  Not that I am biased or anything… :o)


Skipping around a bit here, let’s get to today’s photo fun!  It actually has to do with yesterday’s game.  I was excited to see Randy Wolf return to Philadelphia for the first time, but my only disappointment was that Geoff Jenkins did not get an at bat against him.  Now, the line-up was great and, as it should have been.  However, for extremely, and admittedly, very silly reasons on my part, I was hoping to see the Wolf-Jenkins match-up at least once.  You see, every time I see Jenkins, I mistakenly think he is Randy Wolf and go through this weird flashback thing in my head and have to correct myself.  For example, I saw a bit on Comcast Sportsnet the other day, Jenkins walked past in the background and I am going, “Hey, what the heck is Randy Wolf doing in the locker room?” And then I am going, “Duh!  That’s Geoff Jenkins you airhead.” (meaning me, of course)  So, to see if I have totally gone crazy, I was just hoping for one at bat so that maybe they would show a split screen of the two of them and maybe someone else would point out the resemblance so I would not feel so dumb :o)  But, no such luck.  So, here is my very own split screen!  What do you think?  Brother’s or not?  Or am I just yearning to have Randy Wolf back… :o)
Wolf Jenkins cr.jpg