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Entertainment You Can Put Money On

Spring has sprung!  Pitchers and catchers reported today, Ryan Howard lost the weight of a Thanksgiving turkey, Cole Hamels will start on Opening day (shocking, I know) and JC Romero continues to be persecuted for NOTHING!  There certainly are few constants in life, but here are at least a few things in the world of sports and entertainment that we can all count on:

– Brett Favre will retire: over and over and over again.

favreRetires.jpg– Cole Hamels will always sound like an 11 year old girl when he speaks.

– Angelina Jolie will keep adopting and popping out babies until someone makes her stop.

– John Madden will never, ever say anything that truly makes sense.

– Chase Utley will always be cuter than the puppies & kitties he tries to save.

– Jimmy Rollins will never miss an opportunity to speak his mind.

– Alec Baldwin will always be creepy.

– Christian Bale is still hot, regardless of how many obscenities fly out of his mouth.  He can cuss at me all he wants. :O)

– Joe Buck is incapable of having a good hair day.

buck.jpg– Ryan Howard will strike out…just wait…it’s coming…*whiff!*

– He will also knock the ball out of the stadium….oh, the compromise!

– Eagles fans will always practice their spelling, even during baseball games…E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!  Oh please, make it stop!

– Paris Hilton will never have any real talent; she is totally plastic.

– New Jersey will NOT sink into the Atlantic Ocean, never to be seen again, no matter how hard you wish for it. (I grew up there; I am allowed to say it)

parrot,0.jpg– Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch is still the funniest thing ever shown on TV.

– Charlie Manual is a big, fluffy teddy bear.

And in the “other” category; we will never have enough money, rainbows will always be awesome, you can’t make everyone happy, your health is the most significant thing you own, dreams were made to be realized and finally, the most important things in all our lives are Peace, Love and Baseball :O)

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