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Manny Insanity

Reportedly, the Dodgers have offered Manny Ramirez
P7143274 Manny.jpg, super-slugger and future Hall of Famer, a one-year, 25 million dollar deal which he turned down.  It seems he wants a 2 or 3 year deal.  In the midst of the Phillies’ struggles to find an affordable right handed bat, it annoys me to see good players turn down extraordinary offers like this.

Just imagine all you could do with 25 million dollars?

Thumbnail image for Jenn with baby Chimp 2.JPG– Buy a small island inhabited only by drunken monkeys.  I like monkeys; they are funny.  Add alcohol, even funnier.

– Send both my kids to college.  Well, maybe I should re-think that one…after this recession, college tuition may spike to 15 million a year…

– Hire Antonio Banderas to entertain me on the monkey island.P3014018 Jeter.jpg

 – Hell, with 25 million, I could probably afford to toss Derek Jeter in there too…

– Discover your own planet and name it.  You are super-rich!  Who will argue with you?  Buy them off…

THESIXXMILLION.jpg– Replace all of my broken and worn body parts with bionic ones!  It only cost 6 million dollars for this back in the 70’s…

– Sleep.  Sleep all I want without anyone disturbing me or telling me that I have to get up and do anything!

– Travel the world; see lions in Africa, tortoises and the Phantic’s relatives in the Galapagos and eat unusual foreign foods until I vomit.

Ok, you get the point.  Seriously, who cannot live on 25 million dollars?  How is this not enough?  Does he plan on buying the large island instead of the small one?  Has he set his goals too high?  Say, Julia Roberts high? 

The only logic I can see is that he wants the extra year or two in the deal because he fears an injury may hurts his chances in 2010 or 2011.  But this only makes sense if you think 25 million dollars is NOT an acceptable sum of money to live on.  Not to mention the millions he has brought home already!  Does he not realize that if he performs well again in 2009, that another 25 million will basically be handed to him in 2010?  Where is the logic?

As for the Phillies, no right-hander yet in sight.  Lots of names being tossed around, but so far no bites.  The most recent rumor is Nomar Garciaparra, but he may choose to retire or go to a team where he will get more playing time.  Moises Alou, Mark Grudzielanek and Rich Aurilia have also been discussed, but same situation; lack of playing time may keep them away.  Hey, if all else fails, I am still available :O)  Call me…

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The Phillies Are Going To the World Series!!!

P2241118 flowers cr.jpg

For the first time since 1993, the Philadelphia Phillies will go to the World Series!  With a 5-1 win over the LA Dodgers, the Phillies ARE the 2008 National League Champions!  I think this photo best expresses how I feel right now…like skipping joyously through a field of flowers! J  Whoo Hoo!  The best part of the post-game celebration was watching Charlie Manuel run out onto the field, grab hold of his players one by one, and give them a great big bear hug!  These guys have worked hard to get here and they certainly earned it.

Tonight’s win was a true team effort; that, I believe, is the difference between the Phillies and the Dodgers.  The Phils have a complete team, with hitting threats up and down the line-up; the Dodgers have Manny and a few other guys who may get some hits.  They are unbalanced.  Every starting position player on the Phillies tonight, except Ruiz, was on base at least once and the 3 RBI’s came from 3 different players.  And when one guy is not hitting, someone else will step in to pick him up.  That’s a team – that’s the Phillies.

Jimmy Rollins set the tone once again tonight, hitting a lead-off home run.  It sent a signal to the whole team that tonight was their night.  And so it was…  For the Dodgers, it was a case of Murphy’s Law as everything that could have gone wrong, did.  Rafael Furcal committed THREE errors in the fifth inning, leading to 2 unearned runs for the Phillies who took a 5-0 lead at that point.  Shane Victorino felt so bad for the guy, he actually told Furcal in the middle of the inning to keep his chin up!  You’ve got to love Shane…this guy has a huge heart.  How many players do you know that would try to encourage the opposition in the middle of game, let alone a game that could send them to the World Series?  Shane has my vote for MVP of this playoff run.

Cole Hamels held up his end of the bargain, pitching 7 innings of one-run baseball.  He allowed 5 hits and 3 walks, 2 of which came with 2 outs in the 7th before he struck out Jeff Kent to get out of the jam.  Hamels looked calm and in control the whole game, even smiling when Charlie Manuel went out o the mound after the 2 walks in the 7th to ask him how he felt.  Manuel left him in the game, and you know the rest.  Cole also held Manny Ramirez to just one hit, a solo homer in the 6th inning.  Ryan Madson pitched the 8th and Brad Lidge the 9th, closing out the game.  All 3 pitchers were outstanding.

Who the Phillies will face in the World Series is yet to be decided.  The Tampa Bay Rays have a 3-1 series lead over the Boston Red Sox right now and they will play Game 5 tomorrow night.  We will all be watching with great interest.  But for now, pour me a drink!  It is time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!  WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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See-Saw Battle Ends In A Phillies Win; Phils Lead Series 3-1

The Phillies started this game off right, with J-Roll hitting a lead-off single and Jayson Werth following with another.  Chase Utley stepped to the plate next and whacked a double, which scored Rollins.  Ryan Howard hit a ball to 2nd base for an out, but it scored Werth.  Pat Burrell walked and then with one out, Shane Victorino followed up by hitting into a double play to end the threat.  The Phillies could have had at least one more run if Shane could have gotten the ball out of the infield, but he’d make up for it later on.

Joe Blanton, after pitching 4 innings of one-run baseball, nearly blew it in the 5th inning.  He walked Rafael Furcal to start the inning and then Andre Ethier singles to bring up Manny Ramirez.  And as expected, Ramirez came up with the big hit to score the tying run.  Russell Martin grounded out, but it scored another run.  The inning ended on a double play, but the damage was done.  The Phillies were then down 3-2.  Blanton’s ERA on the night was 5.40 on 7 hits and 4 walks through 5 innings.

The next inning, the Phillies had an opportunity to get back into the game:  Howard walked, Burrell singled, Victorino bunted them over and then, for some unknown reason, Charlie Manuel decides to pull Greg Dobbs and bat Pedro Feliz???  Ok, I know he was thinking pitching match-ups, but the Dodgers are perfectly capable of switching pitchers, which they did.  Result:  Feliz pops out, no runs score!  Dobbs is a much better hitter, regardless of pitcher, and would have been much more likely to drive a ball deep for a sac fly or, even better, get a hit.  This was a mistake if you ask me.  But, pitcher Chan Ho Park threw a wild pitch to Carlos Ruiz which allowed Howard to score anyway, tying up the game again.  Thanks, Mr. Park!  Then another fun move by Manuel – he announces lefty Geoff Jenkins as the pinch hitter after Ruiz walks, which again, prompted another pitching change.  Then, Manuel feels the need to burn another bench player by using So Taguchi in place of Jenkins.  Result: Taguchi flies out to end the inning.  Now, I am no psychic, but I could have told you that was going to happen.  Taguchi has been useless all season.  Why would the post-season be any different?

And that brings us to the bottom of the 6th where Chad Durbin takes over.  First batter – home run.  Second batter hits a double, and then Durbin walks the third.  At this point, Phillies fans everywhere are screaming at their TV’s.  Durbin was pulled for Scott Eyre: Furcal bunts; Howard fields it and then throws the ball away trying to get him out at first!  Another run scores and the runners move up to 2nd & 3rd – still NO outs.  Howard has done nothing with his bat this series and NOW he is driving us all nuts with his defense, which was consistently awful all year.  Back to this nerve-wracking inning: Eyre got the next batter to line out and then gave the intentional walk to Ramirez.  Ryan Madson came in to face Martin with the bases loaded and luckily, on a sharply hit line drive, Utley caught it and was able to pull off an amazing solo double play as he caught Furcal wandering too far off 2nd base.  The score after 6 innings was 5-3, Dodgers.

Are you freaking out yet?  Well, thank you Shane Victorino 
PA024989 Victorino.jpg for putting us all out of our misery!  Shane whacked a 2-run homer in the 8th inning to tie up the game.  You gotta love the Flyin’ Hawaiian!  But wait, there’s more…with 2 outs, Carlos Ruiz singles and then Matt Stairs comes on to pinch hit.  Joe Torre decides to put in Jonathan Broxton to pitch to Stairs with Ruiz on base.  Broxton had not surrendered a home run since July 2006.  So, what does Stairs do?  Hits a 2-run homer off him!  And just like that, the Phillies are back in the lead, 7-5 after possibly, the biggest pinch hit of the year.

On to the bottom of the 8th: JC Romero gets the first 2 outs and then, in a move that, honestly, I did not particularly agree with, Manuel brings in Brad Lidge to pitch to Ramirez.  All I kept thinking was, if Ramirez gets a hit or a home run, you do not want Ramirez to become the new Albert Pujols in the mind of Lidge.  Not to mention, Lidge has not pitched more than one inning all year and will have to pitch the 9th as well.  Anyway, as I predicted, Ramirez hits a double off Lidge, extending the inning.  The adventure continued as Martin struck out swinging, but it was a wild pitch that went far past Ruiz and Russell is safe at 1st while Ramirez moves up to 3rd.  James Loney batted next and luckily, he flied out to left to end the near-disaster.  Now, Lidge has already tossed 15 pitches going into the 9th with your only other option being Clay Condrey or JA Happ (maybe, as he pitched 3 innings yesterday) if Lidge gets into trouble.

The Phillies went down easily in the bottom of the 9th, despite a lead-off hit by Utley, who wound up going 3 for 5 in the game with 1 RBI.  So, on to the bottom half with Lidge coming out to try and save the game.  And despite my reservations, Lidge did not disappoint.  He knocked the Dodgers down in order and the Phillies won, 7-5.  The Phillies are now 85-0 when leading after the 8th inning, including the post-season (79-0, regular season).  The Phils are now up in the series 3-1 and need only 1 more win over 3 possible games to go to the World Series!  Day off tomorrow; Game 5 on Weds. At 8:22pm.  Go Phillies!  ONE MORE GAME!!!!!!!!!! J

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Myers Dazzles With The Bat As Phils Take 2-0 Series Lead

It wasn’t his arm that impressed Phillies fan’s tonight – Brett Myers

myers (2).jpg  got it done with the bat.  In fact, his pitching was not really great and he was wild through 5 innings.  Myers allowed 5 runs on 6 hits and 4 walks.  3 of those runs came off a Manny Ramirez home run, after which Ramirez, in child-like fashion, yelled insults out to Myers about his pitching.  Ramirez had better watch who he angers; this team is poised to pounce and if he was thinking like an adult, he’d know not to add fuel to the fire.  Besides that, Myers out-hit everyone in today’s game, including Ramirez.  Myers’ 3 hits and 3 RBI’s out-produced even his own teammates.  He also scored 2 runs and looked like he needed oxygen at one point after rounding the bases.  And those 3 RBI’s of his turned out to be the difference in the 8-5 win over the Dodgers.

Greg Dobbs was added to the line-up again today for his offense and as usual, he came up big.  Dobbs went 2 for 3 with 1 walk and scored 2 runs as well.  Shane Victorino went 2 for 5 with 4 RBI; the only other Phillie who basically matched the bat of Myers.  Chase Utley walked 4 times!  Apparently, the Dodgers really didn’t want to pitch to him.  Whatever it was, we’ll take it.  Ryan Howard however, continues to struggle and he has had only 2 hits the entire post-season so far.  The Phillies are going to need him to snap out of it quickly if they are going to continue to win.  Right now, the rest of the team, the bottom half of the line-up in particular, are making up for his lack of hit support.

Charlie Manuel’s presence at the start of the series in LA is up in the air right now as his mother passed away early this morning.  My sincere condolences go out to Charlie and his family.  This is very sad news and, even though this team will always need him, I do hope he takes any time that is necessary to honor the memory of his mother and visit with his family.

The Phillies are now up by 2 games to none in the NCLS.  How big is this?  HUGE.  The Phillies need only 2 more wins in 5 tries.  That means they can play less than .500 baseball and still win the series.  They will have to continue to put the pressure on the Dodgers though and not take anything for granted.  It starts again in LA on Sunday.

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J-Roll Carries The Broom

Maybe every Phillies game should start off with Jimmy Rollins getting hit by a pitch?  It’s happened twice this week, including today, and both games ended in victories with tonight completing a series sweep of the Dodgers.  P8248569_broom_cr However, what was different about tonight’s game was Rollins continuing to get on base – all 5 times he was at bat, to be exact.  After going 4 for his last 46 at bats coming into tonight’s game, J-Roll went 3 for 3 tonight with 2 RBI, a walk and the one HBP.  He was just a home run short of hitting for the cycle.  So, did all those whacks with the ball finally knock some of the talent back out of him?  If so, I can think of a few more players we should start tossing balls at… J

With J-Roll back in action, the team was able to take some of the pressure off of Brett Myers whose last game was a complete game shut-out.  Myers ran into some nasty jams in this game, even having the bases loaded with Manny Ramirez at bat, and he still managed to escape without giving up a run over the course of 7 innings.  He gave up 9 hits, 3 walks and struck out 8 batters.  JC Romero pitched the 8th inning and Clay Condrey took the 9th – both walked off the mound without surrendering a run.  In fact Ramirez, the big hired gun for the Dodgers, came up empty, going 0 for 4.  Phillies pitching held Ramirez to only 2 hits the entire 4 game series, which had a huge impact on the LA offense.  They scored a total of 5 runs combined over the course of the series, with tonight’s game being a 5-0 shut-out win for the Phillies.

Pedro Feliz continued his hot streak from last night, going 2 for 4 and scoring a run; Chase Utley also seems to be coming back around – he was 2 for 3 with 2 walks on the night.  And Jayson Werth continues to prove that he is an everyday player both with his amazing defense and the bat; he was 1 for 2 with an RBI and also drew 2 walks and scored 2 runs with some very heads-up base running.

The Phillies now trail the Mets by only ½ game and will have the chance to re-take 1st place tomorrow when the two teams face off in Philly.  Jamie Moyer will get the ball at 7:05pm.  Get your rally caps on people!  Go Phillies!

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Kendrick Gets Smacked Around In LA

Kyle Kendrick did not fare so well in Hollywoodland last night as he got beat up by the Dodgers in 3 1/3 innings, giving up 7 earned runs on 9 hits.  Manny Ramirez,
P7143277 manny cr.jpgas anticipated, did major damage, picking up 2 RBI’s on a double in the 3rd off of Kendrick.  The rest of the line-up followed suit as Kendrick was unable to stop the bleeding.   And as adorable as I find Manny, I am afraid that J-Roll Smurf is going to have to perform some of his voodoo magic again and STOP Manny from beating up on my Phillies!  This is just unacceptable.  Maybe Manny should spend the entire game in the bathroom, and not just the 9th inning?  I am all for that idea…

Despite the early pounding by the Dodgers, the Phillies offense did battle back and came within 2 runs, losing 8-6 by the end.  They had 2 men on with 2 outs in the 9th for Ryan Howard who meekly grounded out to second to end the game.  It was a valiant attempt at a comeback, but they fell just short.  Howard did manage to reach the 100 mark in RBI’s for the season though.  He is only the second player in Phillies history to reach 100 RBI’s with at least 30 homers in three straight seasons.  Chuck Klein did it also: 1930-1932.

So, good news, bad news I guess.  Bad they lost the game…good the Marlins & Mets also lost, so no ground lost in the standings.  Another positive is that Wes Walrond had a good outing on the mound, going 2 2/3 scoreless innings.  Perhaps a sign that he may wind up being useful in the pen after all?  He does have a wicked scary breaking ball that seems to really fool hitters.  Let’s hope he can be of some use.  Another positive note was that the offense never gave up, even after being down by as many as six runs in this game. 

Cole Hamels will try to bounce back tonight after missing out on his 10th win, yet again on Thursday.  Another late one – 10:10pm EST; get out the toothpicks and prop open your eyes J  Go Phillies!

All-Star Bloopers

PHOTOS from mUtley Uggla.jpgy All-Star Week excursion have been posted, but I thought I would highlight a few fun ones for you here as well.  Let’s begin with my favorite of the week!  As you may know, Dan Uggla committed like 3 errors in the All-Star game on Tuesday.  Well, I am calling this one “UGGLA ALL-STAR ERROR #4” and you will see why.  Yes, this is Dan Uggla grabbing Chase Utley’s butt as he walks back to the dugout after getting his award at the Home Run Derby for earning the most All-Star votes in the NL.  He totally gooses him!  Utley uggla long shot.jpgAnd then, check out the on-lookers, who are horrified by what they are witnessing!  Thank goodness it looks like Uggla’s son is sleeping through the ordeal J

Next up….Brad Lidge thinks about whacking David Wright with Chase Utley’s 
Lidge bat.jpg
bat…but really, haven’t we all had that thought at one time or another?  Who can blame him?

Red Sox Blooper…Manny Ramirez’s son was running wild on the sideline…  He decides to tackle Kevin Youkilis and, whoops!  The kid knees
  him right in the groin!  OUCH.Youkilis.jpg


More Utley…I’m calling this one, “Diggin’ For Gold.”  Did he not realize that I was RIGHT THERE!  I mean, if he needed help with this, all he needed to do was ask me.  Geez.  Another opportunity passed me by… 
J  But seriously, what the heck??  He couldn’t go in the dugout which was like 1 foot away to handle this??  OMG.

Utley all-star.jpgParade Blooper – Barrel man:  What is this about anyway?  A man runs out in the middle of the parade wearing a barrel.  Then he gets arrested.  Well, he was a Mets fan…I guess that explains it.

Barrell.JPGAnd finally, we have all heard about the Chase Utley expletive before the Home Run Derby at the introduction Utley Boo.JPG(the “Boo, @#@# You!” remark)…well, here is a photo I took right as he said it.  You can see Dan Uggla’s reaction…he was quite amused
J  And frankly, when I saw it, so was I J  We should all have a sense of humor.  Enough said.

Hope you enjoyed…have a happy day! J

All-Star Week Update

Where to begin… First let me say what a thrill it was to return to Yankee Stadium again! I still can’t believe they are going to tear it down. There will never be another one like it. Anyway, as for today’s report, no photos yet as I am far too exhausted to lift the camera to upload them yet…will try to sift through the mess sometime tomorrow I hope. However, here is a recap of what I have done the last 2 days…

How about that Home Run Derby last night? Wow! Josh Hamilton put on a show unlike anything I have ever seen before and, I imagine, will ever see again. 28 home runs in one round, with the longest going 518 feet. From inside the stadium, many of them appeared to leave the park, but after further review (a’la cell phone call home to get the TV call), it was determined that they bounced off the white fencing and did not quite clear the stadium. None the less, it was an eye popping event. The chants of “Ham-il-ton!” echoed throughout the stadium and everyone was on their feet cheering. It was disappointing that he did not win; apparently, by the last round, he had just run out of gas. Pretty understandable after what he did in the first round, but still sad that he could not pull out the win.

As for our boy Chase Utley, he did not make it past the first round, but did hit 5 homers and as always, looked good doing it :) Although he of course defended his man Mick Billmeyer afterwards, I can tell ya, a lot of the pitches he threw to Chase were very low and inside and he was getting jammed. Of course, you don’t have to swing at all of them, buy you can’t just stand there all night either. Poor Mick looked a bit nervous. Actually, Evan Longoria ran into a similar issue as his pitcher kept throwing at his head! Honestly, I did not see Chase winning this thing, but I think he could have gone a bit longer with some better pitching, so that was a shame.

Some other fun at the Derby was the batting practice before the actual contest and just watching the players interact on the field with each other. Manny Ramirez brought his kids and his son kept trying to tackle other players…another Manny in the making. Mariano Rivera’s kids shagged balls in the outfield. David Wright followed Chase Utley around like a lost puppy. Well, to be fair, everyone wanted a piece of Utley! He was very popular and kept getting dragged from one person to the next, but smiled the whole time in very un-Utley like fashion and for once, did not seem to mind the attention.

Earlier that day, I went to the DHL Fan Fest at the Javits Center and took in as much as I could, but there was definitely enough to do that I could have stayed for several days. With limited time though, I chose to do whatever had the shortest lines :o) For instance, there were free autographs from Hall of Famers like Tony Gwynn, Goose Gossage and Paul Molitor; but the line for that was FIVE hours long…NO exaggeration. So, I was totally skipping that. Instead, there were some very nice ladies from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (remember the movie “A League of Their Own?) also signing in another room…no line in there! Got two autographs and a free picture from Dolly Brumfield White and Shirley Burkovich. The line to have yourself put on an official Topps baseball card was VERY long, but to get your photo on the not-so-official Taco Bell baseball card was empty…guess which one I got? Mmmmm…taco’s! Also got a free photo of myself with a Derek Jeter stand-up for signing a pledge to wear my seatbelt. Picked up lots of other freebies along the way….a DVD of the history of Yankee Stadium, buttons, posters, etc…

There were a lot of interactive displays too…computers, video games, batting cages, pitching cages, trivia centers…too many to mention…I’ll post a photo later of the event board. There was an awesome display of the All-Star Clubhouse as well, with uniforms of many of the players on display. I managed to get a photo of Utley’s locker which I will also post later. I also attended one of the many clinics held at Fan Fest. This one was a Pitch, Hit and Run Clinic hosted by Yankee captain, Derek Jeter. Now I love Mr. Jeter as much as the next girl, but I have to say, I have never seen so many grown women go nuts like that in all my life. Wow. You’d think they had just seen Elvis, back from the dead. So aside from the screaming, the clinic was well done and the kids all had a good time. In all, Fan Fest was well worth he price of admission…I only wish I had more time and shorter lines!

The Red Carpet Parade today was a blast, aside from the scorching heat and having to stand for 4 hours straight :o) Seriously, it was worth it to see all those Hall of Famers in one place…a truly historic event. The highlight for me though was when Chase drove by, doing his generic smile and wave but, when he spotted me in the front row, the only Phillies jersey in a sea of Yankees with my #26 hat on, he lit up, pointed to me and yelled out, “Hey! How are you?” Got a great photo of him saying hi to me. Everyone around asked if he knew me…funny stuff. Actually, whenever I see Chase, he gives me that same greeting and the same big-eyed look…I figure at this point he probably does recognize me as he sees me so often with the camera in his face. I am like his own personal stalker…and I mean that in the nicest possible way :o) I yelled out to Brad Lidge too and got the wave from him as well. He looked very happy to be there.

Ok, I think I am all typed out for now…I need sleep! Soooooo tired! Did not get to bed until 2:30am yesterday and got up again to go to the parade at 7am. So, I apologize if my writing is not as sharp as usual…I am still a bit fuzzy and exhausted :o) Well, going to watch the game now…hoping to see Chase have a good game and maybe see Brad get some action!