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Oh Happ-Y Hawaiian!

Shane “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Victorino nailed the game winning single for an RBI, scoring Pedro Feliz in the bottom of the 9th tonight, propelling the Phillies to a 3-2 win over the NY Mets.  It was the 2008 debut for pitcher JA Happ who can now go home Happ-Y knowing he kept his team in the game and they were able to hang on to win it in the final inning.

JA Happ went 4 2/3 innings, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits and 4 walks.  He showed a really nice array of pitches, which he moved in and out of the zone effectively. 
P2230324 happ cr.jpg
For the most part, he did a great job and was really only expected to go about 5 innings.  The only real mistakes he made involved not attacking hitters in critical situations that wound up costing him walks.  In the fifth inning, with 2 men on base and no outs, he issued a walk to the Mets’ worst hitter, aside from the pitcher, Chris Aguila, who was hitting in the 8 hole.  He really needed the extra out here, even with the pitcher on deck, because Jose Reyes, as we witnessed, is no easy double play.  And it did play out just that way…he got the pitcher out on strikes, Reyes hit the ground ball, but was too fast for Jimmy Rollins to be able to turn the double play, thus scoring a run.  So, the walk comes back to bite him.  After that, another walk to Endy Chavez re-loads the bases and then brings up David Wright.  On a very controversial call with 2 strikes, everyone thought Wright was struck out, but the home plate ump called the pitch a ball and the at bat continued.  After some battling, Happ wound up walking Wright to score another run for the Mets.  The good news is, that ended the scoring as my hero, Chad Durbin, came in and saved the day with a strikeout of Carlos Beltran.  Chad went 2.1 scoreless innings!  He is awesome!

And you already know how the game ended…with a huge WOW from Shane Victorino, thanks to a double before that from Pedro Feliz.  Chase Utley continued his hitting streak, going 1 for 4; Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth both had 2 hit nights and Jayson also had several amazing catches iP2220224.JPGn right field!  Pat Burrell, looking in All-Star form, also drove in a Phillies run with 2 outs in the 6th.

Now having faced the ace of the Mets staff in Johan Santana, it would appear that the most difficult game of the series is behind the Phillies.  Let’s hope that is so!  3 games to go…how about some more Fireworks tomorrow?  Well, here are some for you tonight…these are from Bright House Field in Clearwater, FL, Spring Training home of the Phillies.  Happy 4th of July everyone!  Go Phillies!

Hamels Leads Phillies To Double Sweep

The Phillies swept the Braves tonight for the second time this year in Atlanta.  Cole Hamels came within one out of pitching a shut-out when Brian McCann doubled to score Chipper Jones in the ninth inning. 
P6222106 hamels cr.jpg
While that was a shame, Cole has no reason to hang his head.  He went 8.2 strong innings, giving up only the one run, striking out 7 and bringing his ERA down to 3.22 and adding a win to his record which now stands at 9-5.  In fact, Hamels should be very happy with his performance.  His has proven that he is the ace of this staff and the rest of our pitchers need start picking his brain!

And how about Pedro Feliz today?  3 for 4 with 2 RBI, including a solo homer…he has been really hot lately!  Speaking of home runs, Chase Utley put himself back on top of the MLB charts, hitting #24 in the first inning tonight.  It will be interesting to see if he gets invited to participate in the Home Run Derby this year.  I certainly hope so!  And then I really hope he says yes!!!  What a show that would be J  Come on MLB people…or whoever makes those decisions…who would get you more TV ratings?  Seriously.  Everyone LOVES Chase Utley.  He is like Elvis; pre-bloated, drug phase, of course J  Put him in the Derby!

So tomorrow we all get to bite our nails as we see the second major league debut of one JA Happ.  And who does he get to face?  Johan Santana.  No worries kid.  Just ignore the obvious pressure.  Just keep breathing…  Oh, and if things go bad and 40,000 plus fans start screaming about how bad you suck, just go ahead and ignore that too…  It’s all a figment of your imagination J  Be one with the ball…

NL East Voodoo

In answer to my own question yesterday, Ryan Howard is back!  Yeah!  I am so happy to see smiling Ryan again :o)  The sad pooh-pooh face was just no fun at all.  He hit another homer in Houston last night and went 3 for 5 with a total of 2 RBI’s, finally smashing through the Mendoza line!  Now batting .207, Howard can relax a little and hopefully get that average up into a respectable area.

Are you all wondering what the voodoo is all about?  Don’t worry…we are getting to that…read on though, I have more to cover first.  Solid offensive output all around last night.  Most everyone pitched in, but they still left a lot of men on base.  As for the pitching, Kendrick is obviously still on a learning curve here…he’s making me nervous!  Not a bad performance, but kind of shaky with his location being off a lot at times.  It will be interesting to see how much he learns from his mistakes from start to start this year.  But as usual, great job by the pen and nice to see Lidge have a happy return to Houston!

I am so sick of the Marlins winning!  Can this team just go away already?  So, I have made my very own Florida Marlins voodoo doll.  I am using my J-Roll Smurf stuffie doll to beat him up with:

P5230738 cr.jpg

I think we should all make one.  I was going to make a Mets voodoo doll too, but then I realized, they already have one of their very own…he is called “Billy Wagner and His Huge Team Morale Smashing Mouth.”  We should put one of those in every opposing clubhouse :o)  They just dropped 4 straight to the Atlanta Braves!  Johan Santana, the gazillion dollar man, or whatever they pay him, gave up 13 hits, 3 earned runs and only 1 strike out in 7 innings!  Wonder what Mr. Wagner had to say about that?  Probably something with like 20 cuss words in it and his finger pointed at every one on the team sucking except for him…  What a team player…gotta love him!

So, then I was going to make a Braves voodoo doll…but, my Uncle is a Braves fan, and also a minister and so I thought perhaps I might be struck down by a bolt of lightning if I tried it!.  Soooooooo…hey, can someone else do it for me?  Shhhhh…don’t tell!  As for the Nationals, why waste my time, really?  Talk to me when they get hot…(and as I say that, I am silently hoping I did not jinx it…)

Bats Run Into A Brick Wall

And his name was Johan Santana.  Ouch.  Well, I don’t really think the guy is totally unhittable after watching him, but the way the umpire opened up the strike zone last night, the Phillies had even less of a chance.  Although, Eric Bruntlett, Mr. I have gone 0 for like every at bat in the last week, managed to get a hit off of him and ran him out of the game!  THAT had to be the highlight of his sad little career.  Wow.  But back to Santana, I didn’t think his change-up was as impressive as touted and many of our hitters got pretty good whacks at him.  The guy is definitely one of the best, but I think next time, we will get a better result having seen him this one time now.

So, Greg Dobbs had me all excited right there at the end, knocking in 3 runs with a homer in the 8th, but then another Ryan Howard error took the wind out of my sails in the top of the 9th, allowing the Mets to score another run.  Well, hey, he could have made up for it in the bottom of the inning with a good at bat, right?  Nah!  Grounds out to the pitcher…blah!  Can I just tell you that Ryan is soooooo getting on my nerves right about now!  UGH! 

After the game, Charlie Manuel says to the press that he told Ryan because of his struggles at the plate (batting a sad, sad .197, by the way) that he needs to move in closer to the plate.  Now, this makes total sense.  He really needs to take away the inner part from the pitcher.  So, after the game, Charlie asked Ryan how that worked out and Ryan complained that he was “uncomfortable” and “kept getting jammed.”  Well, boo hooo!  Suck it up, big boy!  Has he not seen Chase Utley hit?  Got news for ya dude…this is exactly how Chase approaches the plate and he is hitting .313 and lookin’ GOOD doing it :o)  Seriously, Chase will get jammed by the better pitchers, but not by most pitchers.  Those who can’t get inside on him, he hits the crap out of.  So, I really hope Charlie points this out to him and tells Ryan to stick with it.  Because, I don’t know about everyone else, but I am tired of the boo hooo Howard face:
DSCF9784 cr.jpg