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Hamels Puts The Brew Crew On Ice

Cole Hamels totally mystified the Brewers tonight.  They looked confused at the plate, and even had a bad defensive game as they were so bleary-eyed from facing Hamels.  After 8 full innings of work, Hamels had not given up a run and only surrendered 2 hits.  He also had 9 strikeouts in his shut-out performance.

The Phillies offense was not much better against the Brewers’ starter.  They had only 3 hits off him and, thanks to a Brewers error in the 3rd, wound up scoring 3 runs that inning, none of them earned.  But that turned out to be all the offense they needed.  Brad Lidge had another tummy turner of an outing as he allowed 2 hits, one walk and one run.  As I stood in the rain, wiping the water from my face, I was so queasy I thought I might pass out.  Well, Lidge did eventually put me out of my misery and escaped with the win.  It was very emotional, as you can see…here is a shot right after the game of Jimmy Rollins and Lidge sharing the moment:
Lidge hug.jpg

The pre-game festivities were exciting as well.  Broadcasters and Alumni took the stage to rile up the fans and then a pre-recorded message of thanks from both Pat Gillick and Jamie Moyer was played for the fans on the big screen TV outside the stadium.  On stage, we heard from Greg Luzinski, Larry Anderson, Mitch Williams, Gary Matthews and of course, Harry Kalas who sung “High Hopes” for us again.  Here are some photos from the rally:

Phanatic smashing a Brewers helmet:
NLDS Phanatic.jpg

And a few game shots I got before it started pouring!
NLDS 2.jpg

I will be at tomorrows’ game as well and hope to bring you more photos and info.  Until then, I must get some sleep!  Go Phillies!

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Another Happ-Y Day For The Rookie

So I guess we are only going to win games when JA Happ pitches?  Well, let’s hope not.  But we’ll certainly take the much needed win tonight!  And another great start from the rookie Happ was a nice shot in the arm for the still struggling Phillies.  Happ went 6.1 innings with 2 earned runs on 5 hits and 5 strikeouts.  During tonight’s TV broadcast, analyst Gary “Sarge” Matthews so eloquently put it that this team was in need of a “rumble in the clubhouse to get the juices flowing” or that perhaps the players needed some “slaps upside the head.”  Well, like I said yesterday, they certainly need a wake-up call.  I do think that tonight’s win and solid outing by Happ will be a good start to that.

Still a little slow offensively, but scoring 4 runs is better than what they have been putting up lately – zero!  So, again, progress is good! 
P4208190 cr.jpg
Ryan Howard had a great night, going 2 for 3 with a homer and a walk – his 2 RBI’s on the night gave him the Phillies record for the most RBI’s of any Phillies player in history before the All-Star break, passing Greg Luzinski; Pedro Feliz also homered; Jimmy Rollins hit a triple; Pat Burrell, Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz also had hits tonight.  And All-Star Brad Lidge added on to his save record, notching #20 tonight.

And one more time…VOTE FOR PAT!  Time is running out!  We have until tomorrow at 5pm…here are a few people that have come out in support of Pat recently (thanks to Larry Shenk at Phillies Insider for the info!):

“He’s the most deserving among the group of National Leaguers on the Final Vote ballot,” Jayson Stark,

“Here’s the case for Pat to be elected….he’s the only player in the league’s top 10 in slugging percentage not already on the roster,” Paul White, USA Today.

“Pat is the most notable omission on the team,” Buster Olney,

So, get those votes in!  Use the link below to vote as many times as you can or you can text the word “VOTE” to 36197 from your mobile phone  to have the All-Star Final Vote candidates sent to your phone and then reply with your choice.  Go Phillies and VOTE PAT!

Welcome Back Offense…

So, the Phillies offensive finally defrosted today under the warm Philadelphia sun.  Most starters had 2 hits today except Bruntlett who is still not producing and came up empty.  Even the pitcher Myers managed to work a walk.  Chris Coste walked away with the outstanding performance of the day going 4 for 5 with a home run and 3 RBI’s.  I think he has more than earned himself a few more starts with Ruiz struggling at the plate lately.  Also joining the home run parade today were Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Pat Burrell.  In fact, Pat’s home run, his 6th of the year, puts him at 224 for his career and officially moved him into 4th place overall on the Phillies all-time home run leaders list, passing Greg Luzinski.

Speaking of Pat Burrell, I was sitting in the lower level corner section of left field today for the game where I had a great view of Pat all day.  I have to say, the crowd reaction to him today was something I have not seen before and I know it certainly amused him as well.  Every time he made a play, the fans in the outfield sections went absolutely nuts!  Then, when he took the field after his homer in the 6th inning, the outfield fans, in unison, all chanted “MVP! MVP! MVP!” as he ran out to warm up!  And they did it every inning after that as well…  Pat just grinned, shook his head a bit and tossed the ball to Taguchi.  He had to be thinking about how not a year and a half ago, these people HATED him and were cussing him out.  And now they are chanting MVP?  Wow!  Unbelievable.  I mean, not that he is going to complain about it, but funny how that works, right?

So, in other fun news, I was watching the Astros take batting practice from the stands today in centerfield and trying, to no avail, to get one of their pitchers in the outfield to toss me a ball.  They just sorta grin at you and then ignore you…  Well, to hell with them, I caught one myself!  Lance Berkman smacked a line drive home run right at my head!  I threw my hand up and, bam, right in the glove!  Whoo Hooo!  Threw my arms up in the air and celebrated and everything…I was totally psyched!  And I think at least half the Astro’s pitching staff saw the catch too cuz they were all staring at me sorta bug eyed.  I guess they don’t see too many chicks catch home run balls… :o)  Or they just assume we will all scream and run for cover…

So, that was especially funny to me because last year I caught a Pat Burrell homer there standing in the same place but had forgotten my glove…caught it barehanded!  And nearly broke my hand!  I had the nastiest bruise you ever saw… So, I was glad I got a shot at one WITH the glove :o)  That was WAY less painful…

So the other fun at today’s game was seeing all the ex-Phillies…I said hello to Geoff Geary at batting practice.  He was always very friendly to me and so I was sad to see him go…  Saw Michael Bourn of course, and then Tomas Perez, ex-funny man :o)  So many stories about Tomas, so little time… Maybe another day…  So, here is my photo of the game for today…our “new” Geoff with a “G”, Geoff Jenkins, mid-air, as he slides into second:
P4177872 cr.jpg