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Road Wins & Magic Toys

Heading home with a winning road trip, the Phillies gave a spanking to the Astros today, taking the final game of the series 15 to 6.  Cole Hamels did not have a great outing giving up 6 runs in only 4 innings, but if he was going to have an off day, I guess today was the day to do it.  That awful knock on the head that home plate umpire Jerry Crawford took, which caused a lengthy delay, really seemed to shake Cole up and he never recovered.  Jerry will be fine it seems, which is great news!  He is a local Philly guy and has been umpiring for MLB since 1977, as did his father before him.

Nice to see our offense back, especially after the extended slumber of the last 2 games.  Utley, Burrell and Jenkins all homered and Greg Dobbs, the pinch hit machine, got another one today with a triple!  As a team, the Phillies also had 5 doubles and 6 players had a multi-hit game.  Now they just need to carry that momentum into the home stand!

By request, the voodoo has been done to the Mets!  Here is J-Roll Smurf having his way with Mr. Met voodoo doll, while Chase “Pooky” Bear, totally stylin’ in his Phanatic slippers, uses his glove to assist in holding Mr. Met down for the beating: 
P5250748 cr.jpg

In the course of this entertaining experiment, I have discovered several things:  #1 – Voodoo dolls are both fun and therapeutic.  #2 – Phillies fans have the BEST sense of humor…seriously, you guys are AWESOME!  #3 – I own far too many stuffed toys.

The Mets did lose today!  Yeah!!  But the Marlins have gone back to winning, so I guess I need to get back to work on beating up my Fish voodoo doll…  So, I will excuse myself for now…apparently, I have work to do :o)  Go Phillies!

Phils Help Nats Turn Cheap Champagne Into Dom Pérignon

Every time the Phillies face Tim Redding, they take a very average pitcher and make him look like a Cy Young Award winner.  Now Tim, have some manners and say thank you to the nice Phillies offense for doing you such a favor.  Not to underscore the man’s ability or anything; he is good, but he is not THAT good.  The Phillies have simply lost their ability to play small ball.  With everyone stepping up to the plate trying to hit one out of the park, your odds of getting on base steadily decrease, thus adding to the surmounting numbers of men left on base for this team.  Last night, Geoff Jenkins managed to get a lead-off double twice, but no one could manage to get him over and get him in.  They were too busy looking for the easy way out and Redding capitalized on the mistakes.

Brett Myers rebounded well last night after his last messy outing and gave up only 3 runs, which for this offense, should be acceptable.  He had some trouble spots, but pitched his way out of them and did not lose his cool.  This is a really good sign for Brett and I really do hope he was pleased with his overall performance.  It is just a shame that rest of the team could do nothing to help him out.  Utley had 2 hits and VIctorino, probably still wondering about his job status, squeaked out 2 as well.  Then, besides the 2 Jenkins doubles and a Ruiz single, the bats were very quiet.

Has anyone ever noticed Geoff Jenkins’ strange base running technique?  I really would like to know where he picked this one up and why.  Take a look at the photos of him taking a lead off of base.  He looks like a cat begging for treats!

Jenkins kitty cr.jpg

And thus, I have dubbed him Geoff “Kitty Cat” Jenkins.  I have seen guys do all kinds of strange things when taking a lead off the bag, but this one is really odd.  What in the world is he doing with his hands?  And the little hop steps he takes back and forth to the base make it even cuter!  Well, there is your comedic observation for the day at any rate.  Let’s hope for a better game tonight with Cole Hamels on the mound!

Barajas Barrage of Homers Kills Phils

Rod Barajas returns to Philly, and in very uncharacteristic fashion, whacks a grand slam and a solo homer, scoring 5 of the 6 runs for the Blue Jays last night.  With Ryan Howard still slumping and Utley and Burrell both coming up empty, the Phillies could only muster up 3 runs, which was not enough to catch Barajas and the Jays who flew away with the win.  So hey Rod, where was all this power last year when you were with the Phillies?  Here is a shot from last year of Rod saying hi to me.  Or is he waving bye-bye to the balls he smacked out the park last night?

Barajas cr.jpg

Jayson Werth did get his start last night at center and Jenkins in right  as I had predicted.  Overall, I thought that worked very well.  Werth did not get a hit (0-2) but worked 2 walks, which to me is as good as 2 hits, stole a base and had an outfield assist.  He looked very comfortable in the line-up and his base running is excellent.  Jenkins went 1-3, which is about what you expect from him and did a good job in the field. 

Another guy you hear me talk about a lot needing more playing time is Greg Dobbs, so I was thrilled to see him in the line-up too.  I have said many times I think Manual should be platooning him and Feliz.  Greg is a third baseman originally and is very comfortable there (see my interview with Greg on the Phillies Baseball 101 Video page where he talks about this).  Not to mention, he is a much better hitter than Feliz.  Last night, Greg went 2 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored.  So Charlie, let the man play!  Now, I still love Pedro, but give Greg some time too!  He’s got quite a luxury with so many great players on this team…may as well use them!

Going to the game this afternoon and hoping it is not a total wash out.  The weather does not look promising.  Yuck!  Wish me luck! :o)  Go Phillies!

Werth-y Of Your Vote!

Well, did I call this one, or what?!  In my April 30th Blog I called for Phillies fans to write in Jason Werth on the All-Star ballot, pointing to his clutch performances all year for this team dating all the way back to the latter half of last season.  You may also recall my adorable photo / voting campaign for him: 
Thumbnail image for P4137179 cr ED.jpg

So then last night, Mr.Werth turns in the most impressive display of the year with 3 home runs and 8 RBI’s, falling only one 2-run homer short of the elusive home run cycle.  WOW.  This puts Werth in a Phillies five way tie for the most RBI’s in a game along with Kitty Bransfield, Gavvy Cravath, Willie “Puddin’ Head” Jones and of course, Mike Schmidt.

So, now the question remains, who will start tonight against the right handed AJ Burnett?  You know how Charlie Manual loves to play the right handed – left handed game.  But I really think Werth has earned the starting spot at this point.  If it were me, I’d start Jayson in center, sit Victorino and give Jenkins the start in right…he’s been sitting long enough and Shane has struggled a bit lately.  And this will really give Manual an idea about whether Jayson really is an everyday player.  Can he hit both righties and lefties?  I think he can.  Give him a shot…he’s more than earned it!

Check out my new links off to the right…I have added a link to my You Tube Phillies Baseball 101 page which has some really FUN video!  You can see Jen Utley talk about her relationship with Chase, watch her reveal that he never graduated college (although she says he’s still smart…hee! :o) and what she “thinks” his major was…she can’t quite remember.  FUNNY stuff!  Also hear Phillies coaches give lessons on hitting and pitching; hear all about how the team travels to away games and much more really intriguing behind the scenes access!  Hope you enjoy it…I know I did!  Go Phillies!

Age Is Just A Number

And apparently, Jamie Moyer is not counting…  As for the Diamondbacks however, he certainly had their number last night.  Let’s start with ZERO – the number of walks issued by Moyer last night, and the whole Phillies staff for that matter.  How about 2 – Moyer only gave up 2 earned runs over 7 innings, keeping his team well within the game.  And then the really fun numbers – Moyer went 2 for 3 at the plate with 1 RBI and a sac bunt, bringing his season average to .273.  Not too shabby for a pitcher.

P5049679 cr.jpg 

And holy crap, the offense is back!  Victorino is hitting again, Howard looks like we can take him off the life support machine now, and Bruntlett finally found his comfort zone with this team, although it may be just in time for him to take a back seat again to Jimmy’s return…  Even Jenkins and Feliz showed signs of life and appear to be blending well into the mix…ah, the joys of May!  The sun came out, the players are smilin’ and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :o)  That is, until they see Randy Johnson staring back at them tonight…  Eeek!  I don’t know about you, but to me, he is one scary looking dude…  So, let’s hope the love fest continues despite the crinkled and monster-like glare of the tall-one.  Go Phillies!

First Place, Slipping Slumps & More Photo  Fun…

Starting off the month right in first place, the Phillies can exhale a sigh of relief.  After the first few weeks of April were not looking so hot, they finished off with a bang.  And the bang came off the bat of Ryan Howard to slide him right on out of this awful slump he’s been in.  It’s about time too!  Poor thing…that was just getting painful to watch.  Much more so for him, no doubt.


So in other news, Chase Utley is up for player of the month honors and if he does not get it, then whoever is voting must have their heads, well, let’s just say, in a very dark and cavernous place.  Somewhere where they are apparently impervious to any and all baseball information.  Chase is still leading the league with 11 homers, batting .357 (5th place) with 23 RBI’s and a slugging percentage of .748 (1st place)!  If that’s not enough, how about 86 total bases (1st place) and 41 hits (tied for 2nd).  I mean, why bother voting?  Just hand it over already!  Not that I am biased or anything… :o)


Skipping around a bit here, let’s get to today’s photo fun!  It actually has to do with yesterday’s game.  I was excited to see Randy Wolf return to Philadelphia for the first time, but my only disappointment was that Geoff Jenkins did not get an at bat against him.  Now, the line-up was great and, as it should have been.  However, for extremely, and admittedly, very silly reasons on my part, I was hoping to see the Wolf-Jenkins match-up at least once.  You see, every time I see Jenkins, I mistakenly think he is Randy Wolf and go through this weird flashback thing in my head and have to correct myself.  For example, I saw a bit on Comcast Sportsnet the other day, Jenkins walked past in the background and I am going, “Hey, what the heck is Randy Wolf doing in the locker room?” And then I am going, “Duh!  That’s Geoff Jenkins you airhead.” (meaning me, of course)  So, to see if I have totally gone crazy, I was just hoping for one at bat so that maybe they would show a split screen of the two of them and maybe someone else would point out the resemblance so I would not feel so dumb :o)  But, no such luck.  So, here is my very own split screen!  What do you think?  Brother’s or not?  Or am I just yearning to have Randy Wolf back… :o)
Wolf Jenkins cr.jpg

Trees Are Good – Green Hats Are Not So Good…

I was very excited yesterday to hear about the Phillies “Go Green” Initiative!  More about that in a minute… However, I was not so excited about last night’s game.  While green is traditionally the color of luck, the green hats did not bode well for the team in their loss to the Padres.  Moyer was hurt twice by the long ball and the offense was, well, offensive.  They got some hits, but managed to erase them by hitting into THREE double plays.  Just sad :o(   Although, in obvious response to my comments yesterday about being disappointed by his performance, Geoff Jenkins went on a tear and got three hits.  So, if it helps any other players, please let me know in the comment section and I will be happy to post my “disappointment” here so as to further motivate them :o)  I have no problem taking one for the team!


So, let’s talk about something cheery then, shall we?  The Phillies announced yesterday that they bought 20 million kilowatt hours of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Certificates – in plain English, this is energy that is NOT produced by burning coal and therefore, not harmful to the environment.  It can be solar powered, wind powered, etc…  According to the Phillies web site, “…this is the largest single purchase of 100 percent renewable energy in professional sports and is equivalent to the planting of 100,000 trees.”   This is actually quite shocking as I am sure it was an ENORMOUS investment.  So KUDOS to the Phillies!  I am giving it 100,000 thumbs up!  For more information, click on Phillies “Go Green” Initiative.

Go Green.jpg 

And while we are on the “Go Green” topic, last year I joined the Stop Global Warming Virtual March along with Chase Utley and more than one million other concerned citizens.  It is an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to stop global warming.  You can see Chase’s pledge here, get more information and join the march as well.  It has no political affiliation and is just a simple awareness tool with some nice free tips on things you can do every day to conserve energy and keep the air clean.  We all live on the same planet – might as well take good care of it :o)

Ninth Inning Rally Puts Phillies On Top

Aside from out outstanding pitching, this team looked deader than a palm tree in a snow storm up until the bottom of the ninth.  The offense spent most of the game swinging at pitches that were out of the strike zone off a pitcher with a reputation for giving up a decent number of walks.   It did not look good.  Then, Chris Snelling steps up to the plate and with one pitch in the bottom of the ninth, it’s a whole different game.  That one home run seemed to wake the team from their slumber.  Throw in another Utley HBP, one more Burrell homer, Feliz gets his third hit of the game, and the next thing you know, Jenkins is sliding into home to score the winning run.

One thing you can say about this team is that they just never give up.  So, although the offense still looks rusty, this is a good sign.  And I thought it was a fitting end to the game, being on Jackie Robinson Tribute Day, as he was a man who never gave up.  I actually read a book earlier today on the history of Jackie Robinson’s rookie season and it was really disturbing.  Very sad to think what one man had to endure so that many others could follow later.  So, for today’s photo and in the spirit of today’s win, I’d like to post this one that I took last year on a visit to New York.  It is a wax replica, but a very nice likeness of Jackie I think.  Have a great night everyone!