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Myers Plays Shark To The Fish, But Utley Loves All The Animals

Much like a pool shark, Myers had us all fooled in the first inning of tonight’s game against the Marlins, giving up 3 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks.  But then like a professional hustler, once the Fish felt safe and under control, P2251936 cr.jpghe came out firing bullets.  An offensive outburst followed and the shark continued to munch on the fish to the tune of 11 strikeouts in 8 innings and no more runs allowed after that first inning.  Throw in some homers by Utley (of course!), Howard and Coste, and you’ve got one impressive victory over the Marlins, 12-3.  So, it looks like Myers is back on track.  This type of win is exactly what he needed to get back that confidence he’s been lacking and really, for him to finally feel like a true starting pitcher again.  Yeah, Brett!


In other news, last night Chase & Jen Utley hosted “Utley All-Star Animals” Casino Night to raise funds for the Pennsylvania SPCA.  The Utley’s have made their love of puppies, kitties and other cuddly creatures well known over the years and this event was the culmination of many of their efforts in the local Philly area towards the prevention of animal cruelty.   They are to be commended for their efforts!  Here is a video clip from the event as shown on Comcast Sportsnet:

My only complaint really is that it was an “invitation only” fundraiser and apparently, my invitation was lost in the mail J  You see, in my little fantasy world, I like to believe that Chase may have married the wrong Jen.  No disrespect to Mrs. Utley of course, she is a lovely woman, but Chase just got confused.  Let’s start with, I am Jenn with 2 “N’s.”  She has only one.  We both love puppies & kitties…easy to be confused there.  Obviously, we both love baseball players.  But here is where he really should have gone with me…I have a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science.  She majored in Dance & History.  Now, who loves the puppies & kitties more?  Hmmm…  Also, she apparently either does not take an interest in Chase’s “mind” or she is just easily confused as well….play the video and you will see what I mean:

Now had Chase married me, I surely would have remembered what his college major was.  Especially if we went to the same school AND had the exact same major!  Ok, ok, so I am obviously dreaming here and will never marry Chase Utley.  But it was a fun thought for like 5 minutes J  Thank you for your indulgence.  Honestly, having met Jen Utley, I can say she really is great.  A very kind person who really does love animals and is passionate about the cause she supports.  I wish her and Chase the best of luck in their efforts and hope they have lots of little baby Utley’s together J

Phillies Honor Military With Offensive Fireworks

Memorial Day was a truly awesome celebration as the Phillies bat’s lit up the night sky, sending balls flying out of the park and scorched down the lines for extra base hits.  Utley led the massive 20 to 5 pounding and total KO of the Rockies, with a career high 6 RBI’s, going 3 for 6 including a home run, 2 singles, and a stolen base.  And as always, he looked GOOD doing it.  I’d imagine he felt a bit like celebrating after the game…maybe like skipping joyfully through a field of flowers?

P2241118 flowers cr.jpg

Ok, so I took some liberty on the flower part, but it was fun :o)  As for the rest of the gang, Pedro Feliz with 4 hits?  Wow!  Coste and Taguchi with 3 apiece; Dobbs in his short appearance goes 1 for 2; Bruntlett 1 for 1.  And if they weren’t getting the hits, they were getting the walks!  Howard and Victorino racked up 5 between them.  The only quiet night really was Pat Burrell, with just 1 walk and no hits…poor guy :o(  So, now if you are Adam Eaton, you have to be wondering, hey, where is this offensive when I’M pitching?  Let’s hope they saved some for the next few games…

The extra bonus here is that they really wore out the Rockies bullpen.  Hopefully, they’ll be nice and tired for our next 2 games…  And, we did not use ANY of our guys once again, thanks to the man who loves to take out the garbage for us, Clay “The Trash Man” Condrey.  As I said before, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  Keep eating up those useless innings for us Clay!  Can’t wait to see what happens tonight…Go Phillies!

The Replacements Getting It Done

MVP Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are on the DL, former MVP Ryan Howard is benched due to lack of performance, All-Star Chase Utley gets moved over to first base to cover for Howard, and a bunch of rookies and back-up players get thrown in to fill in the holes:  Last night, this team looked liked a jigsaw puzzle.  And still, it worked.  And why?  Because just like last year, this team just won’t quit.

Coste cr.jpg

Let’s see how the replacements did last night…back-up catcher Chris Coste (seen above) went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI’s; Jayson Werth, who will certainly cause a stir for a starters spot when Victorino comes back, went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’s and a walk; Brad Harman, in his first major league start went 1 for 3 getting his very first hit and knocking in his first run.  Bruntlett and Taguchi also had one hit each.  Even Chad Durbin, a relief pitcher, got his very first major league hit last night.  He was so surprised that when he got to first base, he did not look like he had the first clue about what he was supposed to do from there.  I’m sure it all came back to him eventually.

And how about our bullpen holding this one down?  Adam Eaton was starting to look like the Adam of last year in the 4th inning there for a minute, so I think it was wise to pull him.  Durbin got shaky for a bit too but then held it together and after that, it was a total shut down.  Good thing too, because the bats had gone to sleep at that point.  Romero and Lidge are still holding zero ERA’s.  That is getting scary.  Have to say though, for all my early reservations about Lidge, he is off to a flaming start!  If he can keep this up and stay healthy, I think the Phillies are in real good shape.

Bad Decisions

The Phillies lost last night’s game for a lot of reasons.  You can start with a bad base running mistake and move on to not hitting in clutch situations, but ultimately, I think you’ve got to lay this one on the manager.  By making a few big mistakes, he just did not give the players a chance to make up for their own.

First of all, Cole Hamels did a great job.  But history shows that once he goes past 100 pitches, stick a fork in him, he is DONE.  A lot of pitchers like Myers can sometimes go past the 100 mark no problem, but Cole is still young and still, shall we say, a bit fragile?  Injury prone?  He gets spaghetti arms at about 105 and begins to over-compensate.  Then, disaster ensues…  Charlie should know this.  So once he gave up that double to the first hitter in the 8th, he should have been pulled right there and then, especially with Prince Fielder coming up who he had already given up a homer to that night.  With a one run lead, there was no room for error.  Get your starter the win!  That is what your bullpen is for!  He pitched a great game and he had earned the win!  Manual is even quoted after the game as saying, “When a guy pitches real good, I hate to see him end up losing the game.”  Then why the hell did you let him pitch to Prince freakin’ Fielder when he had thrown like 110 pitches and was obviously tired!!??  DUH!!  OMG!!!

Let’s move to the 9th…  Leading off the inning…Eric Bruntlett?  Are you serious?  With the way this guy has been hitting, Manual doesn’t pinch hit here?  Big mistake #2.  You’ve got Chris Coste who has been tearing it up!  Throw him in there!  I don’t even care what the match-up is, lefty or righty – ANYTHING is better than Bruntlett in this situation.  He is just NOT hitting right now.  And if it goes extra innings, Coste catches, and you put the Aussie, Harman at short.  Of course, as you know now, Bruntlett strikes out, Taguchi gets on, steals 2nd, gets to 3rd on a throwing error, Werth strikes out and Feliz grounds out.  Ugly, ugly inning to end the game, leaving a man on third.  Had Charlie pinch hit to start it off, I think you are looking at a whole new ball game.  Again, you give the players a shot to redeem themselves with good decisions, but not with bad ones.

Well, for what it is worth Cole, I thought you did a hell of a job!  Here is my favorite photo I took of Cole last year…I was sitting in the front row above the dugout in D.C. and yapping at him between innings trying to get him to laugh.  And the kid sitting next to me kept asking him for things (balls, gloves, etc…) so he finally threw him a bag of open, partially eaten sunflower seeds!  :o) That was priceless.  Just a fun little story for ya.  He is a cutie:
Hamels cr.jpg

Phillies Lose Another One / Marzano Dies Way Too Soon

Well, let’s just get the Phillies icky loss out of the way here.  Can we just play Chase Utley & Greg Dobbs?  Like Iron Man baseball?  It certainly would be aesthetically more pleasing to watch :o)  Ok, maybe toss in Chris Coste for a few at bats too…  Then, according to last night’s stats, we’d be batting a .571!  I’ll take it!  Everyone else combined, MINUS the pitchers (yes, I excluded their stats to be fair) batted a .120 last night.  Although Eric Bruntlett did have a very entertaining 8 plus minute at bat for a walk…  But geez, what is up with this team already?  Yuck!  Let’s hope they can at least salvage one game of the series tonight.  I’ll be sitting behind home plate with my fingers crossed and trying not to pull my hair out!

Sad, sad news yesterday.  John Marzano passed away at the very young age of 45, possibly from a heart attack.  Not much has been revealed yet.  John was a native of Philadelphia, ex-major leaguer, a great broadcaster, fellow Italian, and a really friendly, energetic guy.  My heart goes out to his family and friends as he leaves behind a wife, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  How awful for all of them.  Very sad and shocking is all I can say.  I remember seeing John on the field last year after the 9/30/07 NL East win jumping up and down, celebrating with the Phanatic, waving to the fans…he was as excited as a child on Christmas morning getting his favorite toy.  Maybe more so.  You could tell that, as a Philly boy, that was something he had waited a very long time to see and to be a part of.  He had spoken many times before about how in his career, he wished he had gotten a chance to play for the Phillies.  So you know that had to be a special moment for him and I am so glad that he was there.  I actually had that thought as I watched him celebrate on the field that day and decided I should take a few pictures of him.  And in his memory, here is a photo collage I put together of some of the photos I took that day:
Marzano cr.jpg

Welcome Back Offense…

So, the Phillies offensive finally defrosted today under the warm Philadelphia sun.  Most starters had 2 hits today except Bruntlett who is still not producing and came up empty.  Even the pitcher Myers managed to work a walk.  Chris Coste walked away with the outstanding performance of the day going 4 for 5 with a home run and 3 RBI’s.  I think he has more than earned himself a few more starts with Ruiz struggling at the plate lately.  Also joining the home run parade today were Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Pat Burrell.  In fact, Pat’s home run, his 6th of the year, puts him at 224 for his career and officially moved him into 4th place overall on the Phillies all-time home run leaders list, passing Greg Luzinski.

Speaking of Pat Burrell, I was sitting in the lower level corner section of left field today for the game where I had a great view of Pat all day.  I have to say, the crowd reaction to him today was something I have not seen before and I know it certainly amused him as well.  Every time he made a play, the fans in the outfield sections went absolutely nuts!  Then, when he took the field after his homer in the 6th inning, the outfield fans, in unison, all chanted “MVP! MVP! MVP!” as he ran out to warm up!  And they did it every inning after that as well…  Pat just grinned, shook his head a bit and tossed the ball to Taguchi.  He had to be thinking about how not a year and a half ago, these people HATED him and were cussing him out.  And now they are chanting MVP?  Wow!  Unbelievable.  I mean, not that he is going to complain about it, but funny how that works, right?

So, in other fun news, I was watching the Astros take batting practice from the stands today in centerfield and trying, to no avail, to get one of their pitchers in the outfield to toss me a ball.  They just sorta grin at you and then ignore you…  Well, to hell with them, I caught one myself!  Lance Berkman smacked a line drive home run right at my head!  I threw my hand up and, bam, right in the glove!  Whoo Hooo!  Threw my arms up in the air and celebrated and everything…I was totally psyched!  And I think at least half the Astro’s pitching staff saw the catch too cuz they were all staring at me sorta bug eyed.  I guess they don’t see too many chicks catch home run balls… :o)  Or they just assume we will all scream and run for cover…

So, that was especially funny to me because last year I caught a Pat Burrell homer there standing in the same place but had forgotten my glove…caught it barehanded!  And nearly broke my hand!  I had the nastiest bruise you ever saw… So, I was glad I got a shot at one WITH the glove :o)  That was WAY less painful…

So the other fun at today’s game was seeing all the ex-Phillies…I said hello to Geoff Geary at batting practice.  He was always very friendly to me and so I was sad to see him go…  Saw Michael Bourn of course, and then Tomas Perez, ex-funny man :o)  So many stories about Tomas, so little time… Maybe another day…  So, here is my photo of the game for today…our “new” Geoff with a “G”, Geoff Jenkins, mid-air, as he slides into second:
P4177872 cr.jpg