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The Big “W” Still Eludes Eaton

I am still recovering from the stomach ache that I was left with after last night’s game.  Yuck.  First off, Adam Eaton was pitching.  That alone is enough to make you want to hide under the covers and down a bottle of Tums.  Then, this offensive for the Phillies which has exploded in the last 2 games decided to take a vacation until the 9th inning, which turned out to be too little too late.  I feel hung over and I didn’t even have a drink.  That is SO not fair!

I guess my Marlins voodoo doll worked though…they FINALLY lost a game!  However, I may have hexed the entire NL East…we all lost last night EXCEPT for the Nationals!  Go figure…  But to make up for it, Billy Wagner did blow his second save of the season for the Mets, which does make me all warm and fuzzy inside :o)  It has been requested that I make a Mets voodoo doll as well, so I will be working on that this weekend.  The wheels are turning…hmmmm…can you smell the smoke?  So, I’ll keep you posted…

As for Mr. Eaton last night, I do feel a bit sorry for him.  He actually pitched rather well and was just let down by the rest of the team, who could not put anything together against Brandon Backe.  They just kept swinging at pitches in the dirt!  It was like a golf outing…very strange.  They had that huge rally right at the end against Valverde, whose face Feliz nearly smashed in with a line drive.  But even with this guy pitching with a partial concussion, they still could not score enough runs to even tie the game up.  And it was especially disappointing to see Victorino and Howard go down so easily in that situation when both have seemed to be really hitting much better of late and everyone was really expecting them to be able to come through there.  Howard at least could have taken a pitch.

P4208339 cr.jpg

Maybe someday Adam will get a win…  For now, he has at least earned another shot at it.  Here’s hoping the offensive will show up for him the next time.  Go Phillies!

Phillies Drop 2 To The Giants

Ending their road trip on a low note, the Phillies lost another one to the Giants today.  In yesterday’s match-up, Jamie Moyer did not pitch well at all and the offense struggled against baby-faced Lincicum.  But really, shame on Lincicum for beating up on an old man like that.  I say that is elder abuse and just should not be allowed!  Jamie is old enough to be his Dad…has he no respect?  Geez.  Oh well…what else can you say about that game really?  That kid is just awesome.  Sucks that he’s not on our team…noooooo, we have to be stuck with Adam freakin’ Eaton!  (hey, can we have Rowand back too while we’re at it…)

P5040156 cr.jpg 

Speaking of which, Mr. Eaton took the mound yet again this afternoon and yet again looked like a duck trying to wade through the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  Every pitch was more and more frightening and you could smell the impending doom in the air.  But then Chad Durbin comes in, pitches a shut down inning, and saves the day!  Maybe we can still win this one?  But, no…we know it does not turn out that way.  You can’t really lay it on Romero for giving up the go ahead runs.  He can’t be expected to be perfect every time…no one can.  So, for the times when our bullpen will give up runs, that is when the offense needs to step up, especially against a team like the Giants, who we should be walking all over.  To see them just lie down and die like they did today is really disturbing.  You have to wonder if they just do not want to play for Adam Eaton.  They never look like the same team when he is on the mound.  Maybe a guy can only let his team down so many times before it begins to have an effect?  Just like an oil spill…you can clean it up, but even years later, it is still leaking poison into the environment…


It’s an off day for the Phillies tomorrow before the 3 game Atlanta series.  On Wednesday, the Phillies are holding their women’s clinic, Baseball 101 which I will be attending and then reporting back on probably by Thursday sometime.  They have run it for 3 years now and this is my 3rd year going…it is an awesome time at the ballpark.  We get to play with the entire coaching staff all day, hit in the cages, run the bases, hang out in the dugout, etc…  I’ll post pictures and maybe some video when I return.  If anyone else is going, drop me a line and let me know.  I’ll see ya there!  And Happy Mother’s Day every one!

Eaton Gets a Decision

Probably not the one he wanted I assume, bringing his record for the year to 0-1.  In the process, the managed to raise a lot of questions, yet again, about his ability to pitch and keep this very talented Phillies team in games.  He had a chance to get out of a very rough 4th inning last night with minimal damage, keeping the game well within reach, but blew it by walking the opposing pitcher on 4 straight balls!  Talk about just plain losing it…wow.  I mean, I know that yesterday I said Randy Johnson was “scary” and had a “crinkled and monster-like glare,” but I meant while he was pitching, not batting!  Geez!  Sorry if I psyched ya out there, Adam :o)


So, I think we have gone way past the “injury” excuses now as Mr. Eaton appears to be healthy.  And in his post game comments, he fully admits to blowing the game.  I actually felt kind of bad for him, but I guess that is just a female hormonal thing :o)  Sorry, the mommy in me wants to pat him on the head and tell him it is ok…  But I’ll just have to grit my teeth and get tough now!  Maybe it is time to look towards trying someone else if he has another bad outing?  Benson is not ready yet, so how about Chad Durbin?  He was a once in a while starter in Detroit and has done very well in long relief for us.  Maybe I am just biased because I just really like Chad… he was very friendly in Spring Training.  I have a cute picture of him waving hi to me below.  And then a disturbing photo of Adam, looking confused…and I “added” to that photo a bit :o)  I mean, maybe all he needs to get back on track is a little counseling?  Why not give Dr. Phil a try?  It worked for Britney!  Or, did it?  I can’t keep up with all that…
Eaton Durbin edit.jpg

 In other news, Pat Burrell is up for the Pepsi Clutch performer of the Month for April!  Yeah!  So, please, please VOTE FOR PAT here!  And you can also enter the sweepstakes to win a trip to the All-Star game on this same page.  Hint: If you refresh the page, you can vote over and over again!  I know what I’ll be doing all day!  Also, keep voting for Pat for the 2008 All-Star team!  And Chase, and all the other Phillies too!!!


And while I am in the chatty mood, just an FYI…I recently added some new links to my page here.  Look over to the right and you will see some new photo albums and some new web page links as well.  Feel free to leave me comments or send me an e-mail with any thoughts you may have about the site or if you just want to talk Phillies.  Thanks and have a great day!

The Replacements Getting It Done

MVP Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are on the DL, former MVP Ryan Howard is benched due to lack of performance, All-Star Chase Utley gets moved over to first base to cover for Howard, and a bunch of rookies and back-up players get thrown in to fill in the holes:  Last night, this team looked liked a jigsaw puzzle.  And still, it worked.  And why?  Because just like last year, this team just won’t quit.

Coste cr.jpg

Let’s see how the replacements did last night…back-up catcher Chris Coste (seen above) went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI’s; Jayson Werth, who will certainly cause a stir for a starters spot when Victorino comes back, went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’s and a walk; Brad Harman, in his first major league start went 1 for 3 getting his very first hit and knocking in his first run.  Bruntlett and Taguchi also had one hit each.  Even Chad Durbin, a relief pitcher, got his very first major league hit last night.  He was so surprised that when he got to first base, he did not look like he had the first clue about what he was supposed to do from there.  I’m sure it all came back to him eventually.

And how about our bullpen holding this one down?  Adam Eaton was starting to look like the Adam of last year in the 4th inning there for a minute, so I think it was wise to pull him.  Durbin got shaky for a bit too but then held it together and after that, it was a total shut down.  Good thing too, because the bats had gone to sleep at that point.  Romero and Lidge are still holding zero ERA’s.  That is getting scary.  Have to say though, for all my early reservations about Lidge, he is off to a flaming start!  If he can keep this up and stay healthy, I think the Phillies are in real good shape.

Dazed and Confused

This is how the Phillies looked as they walked off the field after yesterday’s loss to the Reds.  And no wonder, as the game ended with the strangest mistake by Jimmy Rollins.  What was he thinking?  There was only one out, so with the runner coming home to score and win the game, his ONLY play was to throw the ball home to try to save the game.  Why then does he even bother throwing to first?  Even Howard just stared at him in disbelief and did not even bother attempting to catch the ball.  What was the point?  Once he threw it to first and not to home, it was game over.

And to end the game like that after wasting a decent performance by Adam Eaton was even more of a shame.  I can’t believe I am going to say this but, poor Adam!  The guy finally snaps out of whatever funk he has been in still can’t get a win…dazed and confused for sure.

However, it does look like Ryan Howard is getting his groove back.  His homer yesterday was recorded at 479 feet…not too shabby.  Lidge is back in the pen so I am looking forward to seeing what he can do for us.  And Chase Utley is hitting .412 right now and hit his 100th career homerun in Friday’s game.  Looks like this year is going to be the Chase Utley show, and I for one am all for it!  Here is another amazing photo I took of him in Spring Training as I waved like a crazy person trying to get him to smile for me:

P2272564 5x7 cr.jpg

So, we are halfway through the Reds series…hoping we can pull out the next 2 and make it and winning one!  Go Phillies!