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Phillies Start Second Half In First Place

The Phillies beat the Florida Marlins tonight by a score of 4-2, putting them in sole possession of first place in the NL East.  Jamie Moyer put forth another quality start for the team, going 6 full innings with only 2 runs allowed on 4 hits and 1 walk while striking out 3.  Moyer, despite his advanced years, continues to amaze and show that age is just a number.  This is a man who loves him some Fried Fish – record lifetime against the Marlins now is 10-0.  Pass the tartar sauce, please.  Yum J

Chase Utley looked like he was on a mission tonight, going 2 for 3 and driving in a run.  Ryan Howard and Geoff Jenkins each hit home runs with Jenkins also going 2 for 3 and looking as if he may snap out of the slumber he has been in.  There was not much else to talk about offensively, but what did happen got the job done.  The big story of the night was Adam Eaton being sent to the bullpen as a result of the trade for starter, Joe Blanton.  You have to wonder how Eaton will react the first time they throw him out there in a relief situation.  I for one, am not anxious to find out.

Ok, as promised, more PHOTOS are now available from my All-Star Week excursion, complete with captions.  Feel free to browse. Just click on the word PHOTOS or follow the link which I have set up along the right side of the home page under “Photo Albums.”  Have a great night!

Phils Add Joe Blanton to Pitching Staff

Calling him a “workhorse” in their trade headline, the Phillies added right hander Joe Blanton from the A’s to the line-up in exchange for minor league prospects Adrian Cardenas, Josh Outman and Matthew Spencer Blanton.jpgyesterday.  I suppose “workhorse” is fitting for a guy who comes in at 6’3″ and 255 lbs.  I hope they have stocked the fridge in the clubhouse.

Kidding aside, let’s get to the numbers.  Blanton arrives in Philly with a 4.96 ERA and a 5-12 record…so far, I am not doing cartwheels over here.  Also, he has only had 4 quality starts in his last 10.  Even Adam Eaton has had 6 in his last 10.  Is this supposed to be an upgrade?  Ok, well the good news is that last year he posted a record of 14-10 with an ERA of 3.95…let’s hope his second half is closer to the 2007 results.  Maybe the change of scenery will do him good.  Perhaps they were just not feeding him enough in Oakland and he was grouchy?  He did beat the pants off the Phillies on 6/24…let’s see if that guy can show up for every start.

Many unanswered questions left here though…will Eaton be released or sent to the pen?  Will JA Happ be back?  What happens when Tom Gordon comes back?  Is Myers still coming back to start on the 23rd?  Ok, my brain hurts…we shall see!  Big game tonight as the Mets won yesterday…Phillies need this one to stay in first place.  Go Phillies!

I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For A Starting Pitcher Today

Well, I don’t know what is cooking in the Phillies front office these days, but I sure hope it is more than hamburgers!  After another artery-clogging
Wimpy 2.jpgperformance by Adam Eaton today, it is painfully obvious that the Phils are desperate for starting pitching.  Without enough cooks in the kitchen, we are going to wind up starting a 5-alarm fire and watch this team go down in flames!  Eaton only went 3.2 innings and gave up 8 earned runs on 7 hits, 3 walks and struck out 4.  The real damage came when with two outs in the 4th, he gave up a double to the pitcher, Randy Johnson!  Instead of getting out of the inning, the D-Backs went on to score 7 more runs.  What a disaster!

The only bright spots of the day came off the bat of the Flyin’ Hawaiian, Shane Victorino who popped not one, but TWO home runs off the Big Unit, Randy Johnson, who looked less than pleased about it.  Those homers accounted for 3 of the 4 Phillies runs in the 10-4 blow-out loss today.  The only other run was knocked in pretty much by accident by rookie pitcher RJ Swindle whose bat just happened to magically find the ball, scoring Eric Bruntlett from 3rd base.  Bruntlett filled in for Chase Utley who had the day off to rest and, as it turns out, he did not miss much.

Tomorrow afternoon, the Phillies will have one last chance to go out before the break on a high note with Cole Hamels on the mound facing the ace of the D-Backs, Brandon Webb.  It is also “Hawaiian Day” at the ballpark, which having been there last year, I can tell you is a lot of fun.  They are giving away the Shane Victorino bobble heads again for the kiddies.  I will be going again this year and if you remember last year, Shane hit a walk-off home run to end it last year…can we hope for more of the same in 08?  Well, I’d even settle for a blow-out win… J

And remember to stay tuned for my All-Star week coverage!  I’ll be going to Fan Fest Monday morning and then to the Derby Monday night.  Then it is off to the Red Carpet Parade on 6th Ave. on Tuesday J  I will be covering all events as I am able to get back to my laptop and upload photos.  Hoping to have some coverage of tomorrow’s game before then as well.  Until then…Go Phillies!

Too Little, Too Late

The Phillies attempted to put an end to their offensive slumber, but it all came after already being in the hole 10 runs to the Mets.  All-Star Chase Utley whacked another league-leading home run, his 25th of the year, to start the scoring for the Phillies in the 4th inning, but it was all too little, too late.  Ultimately, even with 4 homers and 12 total hits on the night, the Phillies still fell to the Mets for the third night in a row, this time by a score of 10-9.  Nearly pulling off an amazing comeback in the ninth inning, they fell just short as Jayson Werth flew out to right field with a runner on second base to end the game.

Pat Burrell made a great bid for getting some more votes towards the All-Star team tonight, smacking his 22nd homer of the year in the 6th inning and he also had an outfield assist.  Remember to keep voting for Pat…he needs our help to make the team!  Use the link below to vote as many times as you can or you can text the word “VOTE” to 36197 from your mobile phone  to have the All-Star Final Vote candidates sent to your phone and then reply with your choice.  We only have until Thursday at 5pm to get those votes in, so get moving!

The real story of tonight’s game though is Adam Eaton.  A truly awful performance.  He went only 2.2 innings, gave up 6 earned runs on 10 hits and looked like the Eaton of 2007, which is someone nobody wanted to ever see again.  Clay Condrey did a great job filling in for 2.1 innings and giving up no runs.  Then we got to see the rookie, RJ Swindle, making his major league debut on his 25th birthday.  Looks like we won’t be seeing a lot of him, except against left-handers as he struggled mightily against the right-handers.  I assume the fact that his pitches range from 82-54mph will not help his case.  One curve ball he threw at about 54mph looked like I could have caught it barehanded…scary.

So when is this team going to start hitting before the end of the game?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Someone better figure it out quick though, because now we have both the Fish and the Mets knocking on the backdoor… 

Atlanta: Looks An Awful Lot Like Philly

Is this team at home in Atlanta, or what?  Talk about being comfortable, the Phillies walk away tonight with their 5th straight win on Atlanta’s home turf this year…they may as well be playing in Philly, the way they look in this ballpark.  What exactly are they feeding our players over there anyway, Mom’s home cooking?  I’ll say this, Georgia sure is a mighty hospitable state and the Phillies will be glad to return again anytime.

The 7-3 win was not without drama, however, as Ryan Howard threatened to blow the game for Phillies with TWO game extending errors in the bottom of the ninth inning.  The second of the 2 errors loaded the bases to bring up Mark P2241259 cr.jpgTeixeira who almost nailed a grand slam to tie the game, which should have been over 2 errors ago, but luckily, the ball sailed foul.  Brad Lidge did finally strike him out to end the game, after a real nail biter of an inning.

So either Jimmy Rollins is reading my blog or someone lit a fire under him!  Probably the second one…but one can dream J  Tonight, he finally looked like the J-Roll I’ve been waiting to see all year!  He was energized, enthusiastic, talking to all his teammates on the field and in the dugout and on top of that, getting the job done on both sides of the ball.  Jimmy made several outstanding defensive P5230738 smurf.jpgplays and at the plate, went 3 for 4 with 1 RBI, 2 runs scored and a walk.  Basically, he was Smurfy! J  Chase Utley, Pedro Feliz & Chris Coste also had multiple hit nights.

In other super news, Adam Eaton got another win, and it was well deserved!  5 innings and only 2 runs…we’ll take it.  I’d prefer a few less walks next time (5 tonight), but other than that, he did his job.  And how many times can I say how GREAT Chad Durbin is?  LOVE him!  JC Romero has had a few shaky outings now, giving up a lot of walks and some home run balls.  I am beginning to get worried about him a bit….he had that hip injury not long ago and has not seemed the same since then.  I am wondering if he needs a break?  Just a thought…

One more to go in our happy home town…oh, I mean our happy home away from home, Atlanta!  Let’s see if we can sweep em’ twice in one season!  Go Phillies!

Angels Fly Away With Eaton’s Halo

Or rather, smashed it to tiny, tiny bits…  Adam Eaton
P4208298 eaton cr.jpgtakes the loss last night in the Phillies 7-1 dive against the LA Angels.  In what was looking like a turn-around season for Eaton, he gave possibly one of the worst performances of his career, production-wise.  Pitching only 5 innings, he gave up 12 hits, 6 earned runs, which included one home run by Vladamir Guerrero, 3 walks and recorded only one strike out. 

Let’s talk about that offense though for a minute.  Sure, Guerrero is a GREAT hitter, and arguably the best player on the Angels team with Casey Kotchman running a close second; but Vlads 11 homers, 40 RBI’s, slugging .484% and .285 average don’t stack up at all when you compare him to our best players.  Chase Utley (when he’s hitting!) – 22 HR, 63 RBI, .600%, batting .291; Pat Burrell – 18 HR, 47 RBI, .583%, batting .275; Ryan Howard – 19 HR, 63 RBI, .480%, batting .219.  Aside from Ryan’s low average, which he has been bringing up, statistically speaking, we should be beating the pants off this team! 

So, even if you totally ignore Adam Eaton’s lousy outing last night, how is it the Phillies amazing offense only scores one run?  And that one run came from a struggling Utley, still hitless in 23 at bats, lifting a sac fly to score Jimmy Rollins from third base.  The offense produced only TWO hits on the night total, one from Shane Victorino, and one from Chris Coste.  I understand everyone runs into good pitching sometimes…we saw it in the last 3 series.  But sometimes you HAVE TO hit that good pitching.  That is what separates the great teams from the good teams.  In the last 3 series, the Phillies have not done it.  Well, they have two more games against the Angels to see if they can repair their halos.  Go Phillies!

Error’s Hand The Series Over To The Cards

A very ugly loss today which I am sure has resulted in a very quiet ride back to Philly for this team, left stunned by the events of the 10th inning in their 7-6 loss to the Cardinals.  With 2 outs and a tie game, Chase Utley had the chance to put the inning away, but botched the throw to Tom Gordon who was covering first base.  The inning continued.  Tom Gordon gives up a hit to the next batter and we have 2 men on.  The next batter hits nearly the same shot again between Utley and Howard; Utley fields it, leaving Gordon to cover first again.  This time, Utley makes the throw, but Gordon just misses the ball!  The runner at second scores, and the game is over.  This team has got to be absolutely stunned.


Not that there weren’t plenty of other chances to blow this game wide open earlier.  The Phillies left 15 men on base and left the bases loaded multiple times.  The offense is just not producing in key situations.  Add to that, Myers did not have a good outing again, giving up 6 earned runs in 6 innings including 2 home runs.  Yesterday, we did get a good performance from Adam Eaton, but it was essentially wasted as he was the only one who showed up to play.  Eaton had two hits in the game, which totaled exactly half of the offense for the day.  And Kyle Loshe gave a great performance, although it was for the Cardinals J


With teams like the Red Sox and Angels coming up,P2230298 cr.jpg I think it may be time for Charlie Manuel to get the big stick out and start whacking some of these guys over the head!  This is no time to become complacent!  Let’s see Charlie get mad!  That is always entertaining J  (Note the evil smile on his face in the photo as he imagines smacking some players around with his bat)  Speaking of inter-league play, how exactly do the Phillies get totally screwed with the Red Soxs and the Angels and the Mets get to play the lowly Royals?  What is up with that?  I hate inter-league play.  Well, it would be ok if everyone in your division played THE SAME teams.  Then it would at least be fair.  The way it is now, it just isn’t right.  Oh well, what can you do?  So, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there…have a good one!

Eaton Is On A Roll

Looks like we have a pitcher, Phillies fans!  Adam Eaton has arrived…finally!  Where exactly he has been hiding, no one knows.  But let’s all breath a collective SIGH of relief as it appears he IS actually able to pitch!  Yeah!!!!  Two good starts in a row, only one run given up today, and he looked great!  And looking back on many of his previous starts this year, you will see that a lot of his bad losses came because Charlie Manuel simply left him in the game too long and he hung himself.  P2251907 cr.jpgCharlie is getting better at pulling guys when he should, like he did last night with Kendrick, and letting our bullpen do their job.  The more wins these starters can add on to their records, the more confidence they will have and that can only mean good things going forward for the team.


As for our offense, a little disappointing I have to say.  Jimmy Rollins
 kept getting on base and stealing bags, but no one else seemed to be producing much, besides the huge homer by Burrell.  A lot of men left on base again, a lot of missed opportunities again, but they still pulled it out in the end.  Brad Lidge had his most uncomfortable appearance of the year, but still worked his way through it.  And like I said yesterday, a win is win!


I am always keeping watch on the NL East, hoping some other teams can help out the Phillies…The Mets lost badly to the Giants last night and will face them again this evening, sending Pedro Martinez to the mound who has been out for some time now.  Frankly , I don’t think Pedro will be same guy after
rowand.jpgall the injuries and family issues he’s been dealing with.  So, let’s all root again for Aaron Rowand!  Did anyone see the Player’s Poll in the May 26th issue of Sport Illustrated?  Check out the graphic to the right…it is a poll of 495 MLB Players about who the toughest player in baseball is and Rowand got top billing!  Quite an honor considering this is voted on by his peers.  Let’s hope he and the Giants pound the crap out of the Mets again tonight!


I’ll be at the game tomorrow, hoping for good weather and also for a lack of historical homers (unless the score is 15-0 in favor of the Phillies) J  Have a good night everyone!  Go Phillies!


UPDATE:  Well, the Giants lost to the Mets, 9-6…blah!  Pedro did not pitch super well, giving up 3 walks and 3 earned runs in 6 innings, but Barry Zito totally trumped that performance with 5 walks and 5 earned runs in only 4.1 innings, getting torn up again this year.  The Braves beat the Fish again and so the Phillies are 2.5 games ahead in first place!  Atlanta is 3.5 games back, the Mets are 4.5 games back and the Nats are in the basement at 10.5.

Phillies Sweep The Rox & Eaton Gets A Win!

Last night marked the first 3 game sweep of the year for the Phillies, making it a 5 game total season sweep of the Rockies, who we should not have to play again all year, unless by some strange miracle, they make the post-season.  Not likely at this point.  And finally Adam Eaton can exhale a huge sigh of relief and swat that monkey off his back!  The big “W” eludes him no more!  He has pitched rather well in his last 3 outings and really deserved to get a win.
P3014487 monkey cr.jpg 

In fact, it is almost scary to think that we now have more to worry about with Brett Myers than we do with Adam Eaton… Eeek!  There is a frightening thought.  My mind simply can’t handle that one right now…  Brett is scheduled for tomorrow night’s start against the first place Marlins, which is the Phillies big chance to take the lead and they NEED him to pull this one out.  He has got to get his head screwed on straight and come out pitching like he is capable of.  Whatever has been holding him back, I sure hope he’s got it taken care of.

And for your reading fun today, check out File0263 cr.jpgMen’s Fitness Magazine Top 25 Fittest Men In America…Chase Utley made the list (#18, if I am to go by the order which they are listed on the web site)!  According to the Phillies site, JC Romero was a tad disappointed on being left off the list.  His reaction was, “We’re pitchers, and they don’t realize what you got under the Major League uniform,” he said. “It’s no big deal. I’ll live. I’m No. 1 on my wife’s list at home.”  Awwww.  How cute is that?  Well, I still love JC too…and if he ever wants to show us all what is under the uniform, we’ll be happy to check it out J


Phillies Honor Military With Offensive Fireworks

Memorial Day was a truly awesome celebration as the Phillies bat’s lit up the night sky, sending balls flying out of the park and scorched down the lines for extra base hits.  Utley led the massive 20 to 5 pounding and total KO of the Rockies, with a career high 6 RBI’s, going 3 for 6 including a home run, 2 singles, and a stolen base.  And as always, he looked GOOD doing it.  I’d imagine he felt a bit like celebrating after the game…maybe like skipping joyfully through a field of flowers?

P2241118 flowers cr.jpg

Ok, so I took some liberty on the flower part, but it was fun :o)  As for the rest of the gang, Pedro Feliz with 4 hits?  Wow!  Coste and Taguchi with 3 apiece; Dobbs in his short appearance goes 1 for 2; Bruntlett 1 for 1.  And if they weren’t getting the hits, they were getting the walks!  Howard and Victorino racked up 5 between them.  The only quiet night really was Pat Burrell, with just 1 walk and no hits…poor guy :o(  So, now if you are Adam Eaton, you have to be wondering, hey, where is this offensive when I’M pitching?  Let’s hope they saved some for the next few games…

The extra bonus here is that they really wore out the Rockies bullpen.  Hopefully, they’ll be nice and tired for our next 2 games…  And, we did not use ANY of our guys once again, thanks to the man who loves to take out the garbage for us, Clay “The Trash Man” Condrey.  As I said before, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  Keep eating up those useless innings for us Clay!  Can’t wait to see what happens tonight…Go Phillies!