Phillies Advance To NLCS With Sweep Of The Reds

The third game of the NLDS between the Phillies and the Reds was not terribly action packed.  Both teams pitched well and hits were at a premium.  But while the game was not super exciting, the outcome certainly was.  With a victory, the Phillies swept the Reds right out of the playoffs.

As the chosen starter for game 3, Cole Hamels was anxious to show what he could do after an unbelievable no-hitter by Roy Halladay in Game 1.  Hamels pounded the strike zone all night and sent Reds back to the dugout one by one.  He allowed 5 hits while striking out 9 batters for a complete game shut-out.  No quite a no-hitter, but Hamels was amazing.  Plus, the final out was made by ex-Phillie Scott Rolen; icing on the cake.


As for the offense, the Phillies got off to an early lead thanks to another Reds error.  As a team, the Reds have committed 7 errors in 3 games of this NLDS.  Tonight it was an Orlando Cabrera throwing error after Jayson Werth put the ball in play that cost them a run.  Cabrera had a sore rib cage and was not supposed to play.  But after some magic massages today, Cabrera was in the line-up.

About the massages, Cabrera said, “The guy’s name is Andy. I don’t know his last name.”  Do you think afterwards Cabrera left a few dollars on the bedside table and left?  Poor Andy must feel cheapened by the encounter ;o)  But we are all thankful that Cabrera felt well enough to play.  Thanks, Andy…you deserve some credit as well.

The other run for the Phillies came off the bat of Chase Utley who sent the ball to right center; it snuck over the wall for a homer.  Replay was used to verify the homer as the Reds claimed a fan interfered but ultimately, the run counted.

With Hamels holding down the Reds, the two runs were all they needed.  With the 2-0 win, the Phillies will advance to the NLCS against either the Giants or the Braves, depending on the outcome of that series.  The Giants currently lead the series, 2-1.


Photo by Jenn Zambri Photography

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Congratulations on another trip to the NL Championship!

It seems like a really long wait till the NLCS begins, i just hope they dont relax too much…


Phillies Outside

That was a three game nightmare for the Reds. HALLADAY and Coles schooled ’em! Wow. Halloween came early for Cincy. They got tricked and treated to a lesson in pitching. I suspect Oswalt will pick it up also.
Congrats!! It’s a hell of a run you guys are on.

First congrats on a complete humbling of the Big Red small ball Machine. Great series, and it shows that the Phillies are warming up fast by pushing the Reds to the side in 3 games.
Worst thing is that now there are a few days of liesure in between the beginning of the next series.
But it is also time for guys to get healthier, in-synch and rested to bring the Roy Boy factor out quickly in the NLCS.

Rays Renegade

COngrats on advancing to the NLCS! Tonight we’ll see who your opponent will be and then it’s off yet again! Looks like the 2008 WS champs are looking pretty strong!

Not a big surprise that you swept. A little bit of a surprise that you worked a no hitter into the mix. Didn’t seem very nice. You guys are certainly the favorites of the NL, and deservedly so.

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