2009 Phillies In Photos

Here is moment you have all been waiting for!  My end of the year video slideshow!  Ok, well, maybe you were not quite on the edge of your seats, but here it is anyway ;o)

These are all photos that I took during the 2009 season.  It includes a tribute to Harry Kalas, Opening Day and Ring Ceremony photos, tons of player photos, the Phanatic, away games in DC, San Francisco, etc…  And yes, all photos were taken by me from the stands.  I get asked that a lot…no, I don’t have field access (I wish!).  So, I do the best I can between peoples bobbing heads, waving arms and enthusiastic children…I think it turned out pretty good :O)


Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or whatever below!

Photos & Video by Jenn


*Read more about the Phillies at my other home page, Phightin’ Phils Phorum in the My Team Rivals network*



Wow, Jenn. Bravo! If you took all those photos from the stands, you must have had pretty amazing seats all season long. They’re so professional. And how about the video? Did you use iMovie? It’s just great!


Stellar! Jenn, great job as always… just makes me even more jealous for your awesome seats! Ha! This is the sorta thing that makes a site stick out and you do a great job with that. *Fist bump*!

Thanks guys! Well, I don’t always have great seats, but I do have a very big zoom lens :O) LOL As for the video, I used Photoshop…it has a slideshow feature. Have not tried iMovie, may have to look at that though.

Awesome work with the photos and video, and of course the magazine you contributed to this season at my site at fightinphillies.com – It’s a lot of fun taking photos at the park and yours are especially nice!

Rich Baxter


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