Phillies Win NL East For 3rd Consecutive Year


Pop the champagne Phillies fans; for the 3rd year in a row, this team has won the NL East and will be playing in the post-season.  In a game that included at least one RBI from every starting position player except lead-off hitter Jimmy Rollins, the Phillies powered their way to a 10-3 mashing of the Astros to win the title.  Rollins did have 2 hits in the game though, plus a walk and he scored twice.

A true team effort, the win included back-to-back triples by Rollins and Shane Victorino, a massive 2-run homer by Raul Ibanez, a sac fly, a stolen base and 3 doubles.  Pedro Martinez pitched only 4 innings and allowed 3 runs, but his teammates picked him up with their hitting and some great relief pitching.  Kyle Kendrick, who spent nearly the whole year in the minors, pitched 3 innings of scoreless ball allowing only 2 hits.  Chad Durbin picked up the 8th; Scott Eyre got the 1st 2 outs in the 9th and, believe it or not, Charlie Manuel put Brad Lidge in to finish the game.  Lidge got his old buddy Lance Berkman out on 1 pitch.

So, it is time to rejoice!  Since I was not able to attend the game tonight, I broke out some old photos from the 2007 NL East clinching game.  Here are a few ways the Phillies may now be celebrating:

2007 celebration.jpg
Here at home, the Phillies unofficial mascots, J-Roll Smurf and Chutley Smurf are also partying hard.  A drink and a victory lap:

Smurf party.jpg
Now just take a deep breath and exhale…ahhhhhh!  Time to relax…for now.  Home field advantage is still up for grabs.  That challenge will begin with tomorrow night at 7:05pm in the last game of 4 against the Astros.  Go Phillies!

Photos by Jenn

Except champagne photo by:



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FINALLY!! Congrats!


Its great that the Phillies won the East, but there not so strong finish leaves a question mark. Good luck in the postseason!!


Yay, Jenn! They did it! Congrats and relax the rest of the week. We all need our strength for what’s to come. I’m stocking up on the Tums.

Jenn… you’re in! Now the games will begin!

Buz –

Not sure I like the Lidge appearance for the last out in a blow out game but now you get to start at zero. Game on!

Celebrations are wonderful right now…home field would be real good…first 4 in the line up with 100 runs each outstanding and still 4 games left of the season…then every game counts…can’t wait..:-)
Outside the Phillies Looking In

As Peter said the first four guys in the lineup have 100 runs or more. That is an amazing stat. Un comparable, well maybe the Yankees could challenge but nuf’ said. The Phillies “are” the real deal. New post.


Congratulations on the clincher
Yes, HFA is still up in the air! Is just who wants it more! I hope my Dodgers do! I have a friend that is a long time Dodger fan living in Brooklyn that that already booked flight/tickets based on the Dodgers having that HFA. He is making his dream a reality of seen the Bums at Dodger Stadium.

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