Strange Brew

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While I am not sure whether or not Charlie Manuel took advantage of my suggestions to wake this Phillies team up, they did still manage to steal a win today in strange fashion against the Brewers.  Joe Blanton had a horrible game; he gave up 5 runs in 5 2/3 innings with 7 hits and 4 walks.  Then, while the Phillies offense jumped all over the Brew Crew in the first 2 innings, they went back to sleep after that and watched a 6-1 lead become 6-5.

The Phils left the bases loaded 3 times without scoring and had 14 runners left on base total.  Shane Victorino and Pedro Feliz had 2 RBI a piece in one at-bat each, but struggled the rest of the game.  Feliz even hit into an inning ending double play with 2 runners on at one point.  Jimmy Rollins had 3 hits in the game, including a lead-off homer, the 33rd of his career.  But Rollins only scored that one time as no one could knock him in after that.

But for a change, the bullpen held the small lead down and the Phillies won the game.  Ryan Madson got a 4-out save and it looks like he will officially replace Brad Lidge in that spot.  This team has to be relieved to be heading back home to Philly where they now need 3 wins out of 7 remaining games to win the NL East for the 3rd year in a row.

Cole Hamels will take the mound for the first of a 4-game series against the Astros tomorrow night at 7:05pm.  The Phils were swept by the Astros in Texas earlier this year, so this will be a tough series for them.

Photo by Jenn


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So if you’re Charlie Manuel, do you even put Lidge on the playoff roster? I would think long and hard before doing something like that.

Good for Madson. He doesn’t seem to be very reliable, though, but then again no closer has been reliable this season. Hope he can keep it up.

As the regular season winds down – the games get stranger and stranger.


How about Ryan Howard tying for the RBI lead! I hope he keeps knocking em in.. unless they’re facing the Dodgers .. chuckle. Love the Philly Phanatic pic!!

Buz –

Jenn – I know my beer intake has increased as the season end draws closer…I think Charlie wants to see what Romero has this week and will probably use him and Madson for match up preferences to close out a few games, but it scary not having a solid closer….
Outside the Phillies Looking In

You do not need to shake up a team when you got someone like Blanton that is a grinder and can get you a win when the weather darkens at your clubhouse door.
He might have been the best medicine at the right time for the team.
Not flashy, but effective to post a win and get some positive vibes running through their veins again.

Rays Renegade

Your guys will get it done, Jenn, and the champagne will be flowing soon. But Lidge? I’m with Jeff. I’d think long and hard before having him pitch in the playoffs.

The Phillies need to pitch Jamie Moyer as the closer before Brad Lidge – they at least have a better chance of winning. Lidge is like the Browns – he always blows it for ya. New post up please stop by.


All the games these days are just strange. Maybe there is something in the water? I dunno….
Hopefully things will look better and more normal in the postseason.

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