Rainy Days & Mondays

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The Monday night game against the Padres has been postponed due to Mother Nature.  With everything that has happened to the Phillies in the first 2 weeks of the season, it makes you wonder, what is it all about?  The World Series celebration continuing, getting the rings, the passing of our friend Harry Kalas, and so far, two games rained out; is this an omen of sorts?  Could it be one huge set-up for a repeat victory?  Or maybe just a sign that this is going to be a very long, sad season?  Time will tell…

Hoping to see life return to normal for the Phillies, there is a new series set to begin tomorrow night against the Brewers.  The pitching will all get bumped back a day so Jamie Moyer will start tomorrow at 7:05pm, barring any more weather related incidents.  If you are going to the game, like I am, be forewarned; the Flyers will be playing across the street at the Wachovia center and parking will be a nightmare!  Get there early!

Dr.jpgSpeaking of Mr. Moyer, The Philadelphia Daily News reported today that Jamie will be dubbed Dr. Moyer on April 30th.  Saint Joseph’s University is giving him and his wife, Karen both honorary doctorates; specifically, they will each receive a degree as a Doctor of Public Service for their charitable work with the Jamie Moyer Foundation.  Jamie graduated from St. Joe’s in 1985 and is a 1999 inductee in their athletic Hall of Fame.  Now when he has a bad game he can just tell Charlie Manuel, Damn it Chuck, I am a doctor, not a pitcher!”

Now, just think how much more fun that quote would have been if Jim Fregosi was still our manager?  Oh well, we do love our Charlie :O)


Moyer Photo by Jenn

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Hope you get the game in tomorrow! Parking will be tough – but whenever your teams are in the playoffs it is all good!


Jenn, we must be psychic! Pretty funny we both ended up with the same title. The rain so far this spring is insane! Hope tomorrow’s weather is better for you.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Congrats to Jamie Moyer on getting the honorary doctorate. Very cool! The Yankees game was rained out too – bummer – but honestly I could use the night off.🙂


Haha. Live long and prosper to you too, Jen. Hey, what’s up with Werth? He’s in a funk right now. Get him back to being an RBI machine. He started off great.

Too bad the game got cancelled, but it will be interesting to see where they reschedule it. GO PADRES!!

I’m sure that the Phillies will come around– I mean, just look at their lineup🙂. Very cool that Moyer is getting the “Dr” title. Sox game got rained out too, and it rained in FL today.

Nice photoshop work on Dr. Moyer! He certainly wasn’t the slowest pitcher (radar gun wise) on the mound tonight. The Brewers R.J. Swindle was registering low 60’s! In a 75 MPH zone! Crazy windy tonight; fly balls are like wiffle balls.

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